Animal Slaughter Continues, And We Watch!

Posted on February 13, 2011 in Society

By Swaruparani Sahu:

It’s only through letting go of our negative aspects that we can connect with the divine consciousness. But the term SACRIFICE has blended through the human civilization. These days the animals are sacrificed in the name of deity, but it’s us who have sacrificed our humanity and kindness.

Being the most supreme creature of the universe, if man will be proud of such merciless acts, where will the God’s grace pronounce?

To utter surprise the administration has kept mum over this issue. Even according to a report in TOI, 16th October, Rajnagar police station has offered a goat at a remote sea side Shakti shrine in the district of Kendrapara. When asked; ‘I am not aware of the incident’ was the answer from the corresponding authority in question.

The larger question? – Who will adhere to the law and give justice to the poor animals?

While the Khurda district administration was determined to stop animal sacrifice at the Bhagabati temple at Banpur, the priests and locals were adamant on going ahead with age-old rituals. Prohibitory orders under section 144 CrPC have been clamped in and around the temple in view of prevailing tension. On the other hand, all the establishments and shops were closed in the town to protest against the government’s move to stop animal sacrifice on the temple premises.

According to reports, 47 goats and a buffalo were killed to propitiate deity at Satabhaya village of Kendrapara, more than 300 animals at Panchabaraha temple and the number is even higher in the districts of Nabarangpur and Kalahandi, animals being killed at almost all the Durga pandals.

The most shocking news is that at Bhawanipatna, the merciless inhumanity exceeds beyond limit. Around 50000 animals were killed that day on the road and the event was accompanied by dances, songs naming it “chhattar jatra” which literary means “the victory march”. The one kilometer stretch of the road from Manikeswari temple to college square turned red as the animals were slaughtered en masse as the ritual procession moved along. The scene was so ghastly that the children who were accompanied by their parents screamed, covering their innocent faces.

If your ancient faith has asked you to kill the animals, doesn’t it also teach to love all the animals as they bear the beauty of God! And finally, the administration should act strongly. If the creating consciousness and putting alerts is not going to be fruitful then it should ban the rituals very strictly. If still the killing of animals continues, the culprits should be punished in the court of law.

What according to you should be done about the problem? Are policy changes enough? Should such rituals be termed unlawful and decisions enforced? Voice yourself, this is your time!