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Astrology, Numerology Superstition: Ruling The Modern Confused Minds?

Posted on February 12, 2011 in Specials

By Srishti Chauhan:

Here comes the Chinese year of the rabbit. I’m sure none of us have escaped the articles that nearly clog the daily news about what the Chinese year of the rabbit has in store for each of us. One question that fails to stay unnoticed is why Indians are so interested in the Chinese myths and mythology about the various years?

Likewise, why are people in India so obsessed with numerology? The trend which became popular post the soap opera queen Ekta Kapoor’s fixation with the letter ‘K’ has not subsided as yet and seems to be nowhere near dipping. All of a sudden we are bombarded with how different actors choose to change the spellings of their names because it brings luck and goodwill. Actor Govinda Ahuja’s daughter spells her name as Narmmadaa even though her namesake, the Indian River Narmada, is spelt differently. Kareena Kapoor had changed the spelling of her name quite a few years back as well, but sensibility prevailed and she reverted to the earlier one.

Besides numerology and astrology are millions of shams that are at large in the present day scenario. From wearing lucky stones as armlets to consulting astrologers for choosing auspicious days, people in India are doing it all.

Does this make sense? Is it correct to believe in what Tarot cards say but not believe in what is so prominent? The newspapers carry special columns where people post their queries regarding marriages, jobs, foreign settlements and personal relationships. The idiot box has also not been spared. Advertisements popularizing bracelets, rings and chains that bring prosperity are abundant.

It is not fine to completely disregard all forms of clairvoyant sciences. There are many facts that science has been unable to explain and hence a certain degree of belief in all of this is but natural. However, one mandatory question that we all need to ask ourselves is to what extent is this healthy? Is it okay to spend thousands on stones that claim to herald excellent fortune? Are we promoting an industry that thrives on the fickleness of the mind and the lack of belief in self?

As we modernize in terms of the facilities that we avail, our mind works in the backward direction. The prevalence of these forms of metaphysical theories like Feng Shui, horoscopes and tarot make our minds work in the rearward track. As the celebrated English author William Shakespeare famously said, “It is not the stars that hold our destiny. It is us”.

The sole problem that rests with these forms of sciences is that it is fairly simple for them to manipulate a dejected soul into believing that instead of hard-work and perseverance, these sciences and unproved logics are the path to triumph. It is difficult for a person who has experienced disappointment so many times that it is hardly possible for him to believe in the existence of success to not be misled into believing that all this is the ‘shortcut’ to victory. However, renowned people, like the famous cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, have often said that there are absolutely no shortcuts to success.

A famous saying that tells everything of value with admirable brevity is that overnight success comes after 20 years of pure undiluted and uncompromised hard work.

It is for the people to choose and prioritize what they value more. Will you believe in a parrot that says you’re going to lead a live full of troubles or will you believe in yourself to make the best of what comes your way and stride forward?

There are many people who can be seen as definitions of success. The famous Ambani brothers and the Tatas are apposite examples of people who have achieved great status in life all thanks to their acumen and hard work. They did it without any phony tricks trying to guide them.

The only point that I wish to put forward is that belief in such things is not wrong but blind veneration at the cost of losing credence in the fruitfulness of hard work is wrong and leads only to greater failures in life. There is nothing stronger than your conviction in yourself to achieve what you want to.

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