Have Board Exams? Don’t Let Stress Take Over

Posted on February 23, 2011 in Education

By Akansha Saklani:

February is about to end and the month march is arriving. All the young hearts are fluttering with the sense of fear,excitement and anxiety.

With less than a month left for most examinations, many students find themselves weighed down by expectations. Comparisons, parental expectations and peer pressure are major concerns for students which bog them down, leading to severe examination stress. The pressure is not even on the students but also on their families. Everyone is thinking — what if they dont get good grades, what will happen to their future et cetera.

Stress is making them eat less and work more. Each and every student is aiming to be on the top and just to achieve their goal they are forgetting the basic necessity of their life. Normally everyone is in the condition of anxiety during exams but those who are appearing for their board exams have stress at peak level. For them what matters is studies only, most of them are having problems of imsomnia, are not able able to have food and enjoy the things going around them.

As we all know that stress leads to health deterioration, which is not good for the young students. With studies they must take care of their health too because a healthy mind can reside in a heathly body. Their whole time is spents in studying and coping up with each other. Depression is also seen in the cases of students on whom their families have a lot of expectations. Stress also breaks their power to think rationally and logically.

Now its time that with studies the students should try to take steps so as to reduce stress. They can go for yoga, which helps relax the body and reduce the stress. Imbibing positive energy from the surrounding also helps because when you are optimistic, things can be done easily. To prevent mental fatigue,one can take a short break as soon as the mind starts losing concentration. Avoiding television and loud music also helps. A regular seven hours of sleep is mandatory for the body to function well. We should not forget the fact that our mind and body perform at their best only if we get adequate rest and proper nutrients. Food rich in vitamins and proteins, such as green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, are a must. Avoid oily food with high fat content and drink a lot of juices.

It is your board exam, so stress is bound to be there, but excess of anything can be bad, so take a rest, be cool, study hard and stay calm. That’s the mantra.