Importance Of Employee Background Check Prior To Job Offer

Posted on February 27, 2011 in Business and Economy


By Anushri Mondal:

In this world of high competition where every individual strives to leave the other behind, there are frequent cases when an individual commits forgery his identity or supplies wrong information in order to land in a job of his choice or requirement. In such cases, it is the company which stands to lose. The person might not work with as much efficiency as he is required to do, or might occupy a position that could have belonged to a more deserving candidate. Similar instances are noted in cases when renting a house, creating a bank account, making passports etc. Hence, there are some societal practices that must be followed in order to curtail the vicious intentions of such individuals. This article is based on methods that can be used to check the background of a person prior to giving him/her a job, allowing him to stay in your house as a tenant or even letting him/her create an important document.

We know that criminals and deceivers prowl at every corner just to take your advantage. It is essential for every human being to be extremely cautious of his surroundings. Similar logic applies to recruiters when they choose a particular candidate for their company. Checking the bio-data and asking a few questions on the information provided may not reveal the whole truth. The person sitting in front of the recruiter, looking impressive and decent might have come there with some ulterior motive in mind. Hence, it is of vital importance to check the candidate and his background prior to employing him/her in the company. Such a procedure is termed as employment background check.

Now what are the things that are carried out in such a unique check?

First, it is important to know whether the candidate has any criminal record in the past, this is called the criminal record check.

Then comes the point where the employer has to check whether the candidate has been sued on any civil issues in the past.

Thirdly, comes the point of verifying whether the information by him/her in the bio-data is genuine or forged. These include the academic qualification, the work experience mentioned by the prospective employee. There have been cases when the candidate supplies wrong information just to get hold of a job.

Hence, it is significant to know the authenticity of the information provided by him/her. One can get his true picture from the company from where he has worked earlier, that too, if he has worked. The previous company can give a detailed picture of his potential as a worker, his sincerity and his/her capability.

Then the next thing that requires verification is his financial or economic condition. One needs to find out whether he/she has been known to have failed in repaying loans. If he/she has, then such person must be taken into the company with caution and care.

There are agencies that specialize in such background check works. One needs to get assistance from one such reliable agency in order to perform the task successfully. With the employment background check successfully implemented, one can go ahead and recruit the individual who has presented himself/herself as the potential candidate for a particular post/profile. So, be safe!