Starving In The Garb Dieting: A Malnourished Future Workforce

Posted on February 6, 2011 in Health and Life

By Karishma Gaur:

It will be no offence if we call our upcoming workforce as malnourished. Today’s generation truly believes that remaining slim is in fashion. They have totally forgotten the fact that it is not about being slim but it is all about being fit. They believe that to be slim is being fit. The assumption is totally incorrect.

They don’t believe in losing the extra flab by working out instead they prefer the path of starvation. They want to lose all in one day, which certainly leads to many unknown ailments. They go on hunger strikes whenever an outfit is tight. They don’t know the importance of a balanced and complete diet.

All that glitters is not gold. A workforce living on junk can never prove any good to its nation. Inside this kind of slim physique resides many ailments. They feel dizzy every now and then, deal with problems regarding bold pressure, have weak eyesight, low stamina etc.

Following the path of ‘tardy to bed and tardy to rise’ leads to more tiredness. How can this bunch of youngsters can be of any good to their nation when they can’t be of any good to themselves? To serve we must be capable enough to support our own self first.

This new generation needs to understand that there is a difference in being fit and being slim. Slim people are not always fit. As a matter of fact, adopting the right living schedule can do much good. Try waking up early in the morning and you’ll never need those extra late night hours to finish up your work.

Today’s generation is no doubt very talented. Even small kids are tech savvy, they have a vast amount of knowledge; they even know all about upcoming gadgets. India is a land of wonders and it needs its upcoming leaders to do even more. So instead of running behind those fake fashion trends we must try and turn up into some use for our nation and support in it’s growth.