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Male Depression Goes Unnoticed, Unreported; Need To Break Shackles Of Misery

Posted on February 5, 2011 in Health and Life

By Bharathi Murali:

Despondency, depression, sorrow , mental instability, self-strikes, endless debates, quandary between the right and the wrong, persistent worries and many other negative connotations in a man’s life is what is going to be explicated in the next few hundred words.

Depression has become the ‘buzzword’ of today’s generation. Low marks, fight with family, worries about the socio-economic status, constant comparison with peers, spinning the wheels at the workplace, excessive prudent thinking, hopelessness hitting hard, decelerating energy level, insomnia, fear of death, worries about sex-life and many million problems will lead to one point of convergence- depression.

As a matter of fact depression is considered to be a ‘myth’.  This manic-depressive illness is very much heard among the female part of the society. Are women sounder in expressing their woes or the male-woes just go unheard? A million dollar question undeniably.

Melancholy does not come with a bell ringing beforehand; it comes out of the blue. Depressed men do not show that they are in continual anguish instead they indulge themselves in some or the other activity. It would be prolonging the working hours, partying with pals, watching porn, becoming indulgent in new hobbies, having sex with random women.

Whether this works or not, that is not the point of consideration, what matters is- are these diversions a source of eternal happiness or perpetual cure? The answer is a clear negative.

Delving into the subject, are you a part of that depressed-male community? If the answer is ‘yes’ you are bewitched, if it is a ‘no’ you are deceiving.

Medical tests reveal that depression is irrespective of gender, status, ethnicity, topography. Men, specifically, never admit their depressive warning signs and feel awkward in seeking advice or help. Six million men in the United States (7% of the country’s men population) are reported to possess depressive signs. Alarming!

It can be termed as ‘ubiquitous’  and ‘formless’. Seeking transitory remedies may backfire by paving way to many severe ailments like ‘dysthymic disorder’ and ‘bipolar disorder’.

The chief warning-alarms of depression in men would include:

  • ‘Hollow’ feeling
  • Pessimism
  • Loss of sleep and appetite (not to be confused with the Cupid-attack, get a check done!)
  • Exponentially getting enervated
  • Oversleeping
  • Losing pleasure in activities those which were once enjoyed
  • Restlessness, physical discontent, suicidal attempts

Depression has similar consequences on both the sexes yet the reported cases of ‘men’ are just handful. Feeling ashamed or not giving proper attention to such erratic physical and mental behavior may be dangerous. These are few essential reasons that can be given for turning into an alcoholic, drug addict, tenuous relations with the kin. Another extreme would include expressions of reckless abuse, violent and truculence attitude, slogging hard into work, losing hopes on life and finally fatal attempts by getting into suicidal-chain. Men are at a manifold higher risk of committing suicides.

Profound sadness, deeply implanted worthlessness, thoughtless deeds are not the answer or the cure; breaking the shackles of immense pain and misery forms the basket of eternal grace. Feel no shame in sharing with kinship and friends. Counseling, therapies and groups that offer a helping hand are always open to hear to the worries.