Positivity v/s Negativity: Attitude Is All That Matters

Posted on February 9, 2011 in Specials

By Dishi Solanki:

I could not make it to a top institution. I am afraid to appear in exams ne more.

I lost the game. I no more want to play.

I failed in relationship. I don’t want to fall in love again.

Life won against me. I no more wish to live.

Why do we always end up with negative companions like no, can’t, won’t. Why can we not see the glass half full? Why do we crib about being betrayed by success when we ourselves don’t welcome it with optimistic thoughts? We think of falling way before rising. We think of bruises way before getting hurt. Multitudinous questions have been raised on the ways in which attitude can reflect our actions and results. Over the ages we have been hearing people talk about the power of positivity. But due to natural human tendency, anything given free of cost is neglected and so is such advice. But the moment we get entangled into mournful situations, they appear to be a boon. Most of the time due to our attitude, we end falling into the valley of negativity when we were meant to be climbing hills of positivity.

Many a times we consider some things or people around us lucky and so good luck keeps following us. Often we feel tricked by bad luck. There is nothing like luck with the power to predict the way our life is meant to turn. The people who feel good things happen to them focus on good things happening around, resulting in more good things. The people who surround themselves with thoughts of bad things are always thinking about the next bad thing. So it shouldn’t be a surprise when those bad things continue to happen.

No path has been created which is smooth and without any boulders. It depends on how well we can walk without falling and at the same time not letting any obstruction block our way. The type of thoughts that we choose to focus on will shape our reality, both current and future. A positive thinker can see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible. Our actions are reflections of our thoughts, so positive thinking leads to positive actions that lead to positive habits and yield positive results.

A very famous quote is “An optimistic sees opportunity in every difficulty and pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity”. So instead of thinking about what we are missing, try thinking about what we have that everyone else is missing. We often tend to have the gut felling which says something inauspicious shall happen. But what is the need to smash up our present for the future that might never turn out to be real. We often look down upon our own potentials due to pessimism. We make our minds so caged into negativity that we hardly find ways that can help us or rescue us. As kids we hardly have any fears and so we can have a free fall in the unknown. With growing age our rationalism gets shaped with increased negative aspects.

Don’t be afraid of accepting challenges because life is worth taking intelligent risks.