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5 Reasons Why India Could Win The World Cup 2011

Posted on February 21, 2011 in Sports

By Parul Sabherwal:

Now that team India has won the opening match with a big margin against the home team Bangladesh, the “GO FOR IT INDIA” cheer has gone louder. The bookies, the experts, and of course the people have full faith in Dhoni’s men and are sure that the trophy would come to India. People are taking offs from their offices, colleges and schools. Everything else, except cricket, has been put on hold for the next month.

But what are the main reasons for the people to look so confident – that our team could win the cup this year? Here are the 5 pointers:

  1. Dedicate it to The God of Cricket- Sachin Tendulkar: Though we want the little master to be a part of the Indian Cricket team forever, unfortunately, age is something that would come in between. So this being the last World Cup for Sachin, who has done a lot for cricket in our country, we can surely win this title for him and dedicate the victory to him. Also Tendulkar himself wants to do it for his nation because he thinks that he has done almost every thing possible for the nation except for winning this biggie.
  2. Home crowed: Many people sit in front of their television screens and scream, shout, hoot dance and do all kinds of crazy things while watching a cricket match but those thousands of people who are present at the playground and watch the match live are the ones who can make real time difference for the players too. The support they provide to the players on the field is something that affects their on-field-morale and boosts their confidence to a very large extent. So an added advantage of the home crowed as the matches are being played in the sub continent will be an important factor.
  3. Home conditions and home ground: Team India unfortunately has not been able to perform very well on foreign soil but their statistical figures in their own territory are spectacular. The pitches here are dead and so bouncy as compared to the ones found in other countries so it will be something that would add up to the entertainment as well as the advantage.
  4. Strong team: The team composition is always very important because, at the end of the day, this is the real thing that matters. The players who make it to the playing eleven are the ones who are the real warriors. So in this area too – our team looks pretty strong as we have a very tough batting line up. Starting from Sehwag, Gambhir to people like Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Pathan etc. — all these are world class ODI batters. Not to forget the only player to score a double century in the shorter form of the game- Sachin Tendulkar is also a part of this squad. So a robust batting line up on the sub continent pitches can prove to be threatening for the opponents as the pitches here are batsmen friendly. We also have Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh, Munaf Patel etc. to take care of the other areas.
  5. Team confidence is high: The confidence level of the men in blue is very high at this point of time as they have recently beaten the Proteus and have had a good series against the defending champions, The Aussies, too. The recent performance of the team on the field has been very strong and almost all the players especially the batsmen are in form.

These 5 ingredients that a squad would need to take up the top position in the cricket ka mahayudh. The conditions are favourable, the team is confident and so are the people of the country. ‘one billion people and one wish’- hope to win the World Cup 2011. All the Best Team India!!!

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The writer is the Assistant Editor at Youth Ki Awaaz.

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