Is Ãœber Twitter Back Again?

Posted on February 26, 2011 in Sci-Tech

By Sudheendra Chilappagari:

A few days back I was shocked seeing Twitter’s status! And I noticed that in my mobile too… My Ãœber twitter has pulled a start and stop. Twitter shut down Ãœber Media clients Ãœber Twitter and Twidroyd because of privacy violations for tweets more than 140 characters, monetization violations (concerning affiliate links) as well as trademark infringement.

The first tweet announces the news and the second is a direct link to Twitter’s official app

Why did Twitter suspend Ãœber Twitter?

This was the question raised in many of the Tweeters… according to Bill Gross, Founder and CEO of Ãœber Media – There were three reasons why Twitter suspends Ãœber Media,

  1. Twitter said that Ãœber Twitter and Twidroyd use a tweet-elongation service named that allows people to write more than 140 characters, and that this service may post private messages on a public website.
  2. Twitter said that Ãœber Current changes links that are part of an affiliate program to be it’s own links.
  3. Twitter would like to change the name Ãœber Twitter, and they have changed the name to Ãœber Social, effective immediately.

In reply to the above Ãœber Media has disabled the Tweet Elogation service and has removed all the current links. He also added “Twitter also said that as soon as we made these changes, they would restore our access to their API. All the changes have been made, and Twitter has been notified, and we are waiting for the apps to be restored.”

What About Ãœber Twitter Users?

While Ãœber Current is designed with new users in mind, it is also a beautifully designed, fully-functional Twitter client for old-hat Twitter users. Tap on a Tweet with a link and it opens to give a full preview of the linked page. Tap on any other Tweet and you are given all of the standard options to @reply, retweet, favorite, email, quote the Tweet and even see replies to that particular Tweet.

You can see @UberSoc Announcements

Changes made in the Web Site Immediately

You can also Notice the new Twitter @Ubersoc background image