What Did Sehwag Do?

Posted on February 24, 2011 in Sports

By Bharathi Murali:

The inaugural match of the WC-2011 at the soils of Mirapur was between the co-hosts of the event- India and Bangladesh. The gala and glitters of the opening ceremony faded soon began the fire-filled matches.

Day-1 [February, 19th 2011] Mirapur

The match between Bangladesh and India, it was the right time to take revenge for the Indians. The men who tasted the misery at the WC-2007, it was the same Bangladesh who knocked off India even from entering the ‘super eight’ series. Our boys were fully spirited at the practice sessions, duly conscious regarding the fitness factor, building up of mental and physical placidity was all ready to face the Bangladeshis in their soil.

14:00, 19th February 2011

WC-2011 begins!

It was the toss that Indians lost. Any prudent captain of the toss-winning team at that moment would choose to bat because of the fact that Indian fielding lineup is weak. But the captain of the Bangladesh Team chose to field. Truly, Indian strikers are unmatchable.

Entered with zeal and zest, the most successful opening-duo, Sachin and Sehwag on to the pitch like the children of Fire God. The pair with greatest sync, run-chasing impulses is none other than these two.

The initial overs were very smooth with frequent fours from Sehwag and Sachin which popped the adrenaline of the fielders. The momentary impulses of high heart rate made Indian fans chuckle thinking that the cycle of WC is repeating itself.

So what exactly Sehwag do, besides his 175 at the WC, He took Sachin’s wicket.

Indeed, more than the captain Dhoni, it is for Sachin the degree of responsibility is at its peak. The player with loads of hopes and prayers of millions of fans has to definitely show up at the pitches. If he is blamed for losing his wicket with mere 28 runs, it is false.

Shakib al Hasan would have made run-out of Sachin when he made his 28th run from the 29th ball he faced, looking at the replay, it is very evident that it was Viru’s wicket.

Sachin looked pale, weak since the start. This veteran, with physical injuries made to the WC. Appallingly this will be his last WC series.

During the 29th ball of Sachin’s, he very well knew that it was not possible for him to cover the 22 yards before the ball would return. The energy demand was too high for him. Sehwag was popping with vigour and made half way through the pitch, Sachin then thought- Sehwag was in good energy strata and in form, it will be a mammoth loss to the team if his wicket goes. It was then Sachin decided that he should sacrifice his wicket, a suicidal wicket in order for the sustenance of Sehwag.

When Sachin walked off the pitch, Sehwag turned pale and speechless. He knew that it should have been his.

Sehwag lived to his sacrifice, scored the glorious 175 making the team win.

Had Sachin not walked off, this 175 would not have been there, the Indians would have again tasted the bitterness of losing to the Bangladeshis after 2007.

Indeed Sachin, you are God, the real ‘team player’