State Of The World: Are We Headed Towards World War III?

Posted on February 20, 2011 in Specials

By Aritra Sarkhel:

We live in frantic times. The world that we see from our eyes is not what it is. The leaders of the modern era are playing possum with the world’s residents. The mighty west’s niche baby “capitalism” is slowly harping out its evils; it seems that capitalism is only for the rich and socialism only for the poor. The dragon empire’s never-ending thirst for oil never seems to continue and Democratic India continues to try and follow what the mighty west has already achieved even if it means many people back here not able to get two square meals a day.

And it should not be called “Prophesying” if I say we are heading towards World War III. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the current scenario. The United States has extended their war from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Yemen. Iran is next on the list I guess. Normalcy still is still pursued as the West continues to leave the weak and failed states as humanitarian crisis situations.

We live in times when big wigs like Monsanto are trying to sell to the world its own dangerous collection of GM seeds with the effects of relocation of genes; the evils of engineering is yet to manifold.

Iraq, a classic example of criminal tragedy, reminds us of the past when the Rwanda genocide occurred and the entire Iraq episode was dismissed as protection of the world from the nuclear capabilities of the late Saddam.

On the other side, media’s work has been lackadaisical especially in the case of the reportage of the Iraq war where it got the entire episode wrong and the way it supported America in the initial stages actually helped the U.S. go forward with the war.

Nothing great has changed over the years. We are diminished as a civil society. The United States in its domination of the world has entered into the pre-fascist era. America bombs its natives and call’s itself a partner.

The pursuit of profit seems to crib the world apart. In the same manner, corporate soccer and cricket seems to subvert the essence of Olympics. In today’s world everything is for sale- basically the word is monopoly that rules.

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