From Om to Yo! Namaste to Wassup! – Playing Advocate To The GenNext”s Culture

Posted on February 10, 2011 in Culture-Vulture

By Soumit Saha:

Why is it that our parents and grandparents see their values and traditions lacking in us, to such an extent that they feel we’re being diluted culturally with western influences? This gap, in essence, is changing how values are being instilled one generation after another. Everyone has seen or at least superficially commented on the negative aspects but have we really been open-minded to see that our culture is not that morally disabled or lacking virtues as is commonly believed by our elders.

Let’s talk on a broader scale. Is the problem really of losing substance over years or are we not progressing ahead when we talk about the general mindset of the people of our nation. Sure our ancestral literature and heritage dictates many nuances in many aspects of our behavior, dressing and rituals. But weren’t they more in principle than upholding specificity of today’s demands that our elders seek as a manifestation and hence dilution of what they believe is ideal.

As far as I see it, the mindset of our generation is so very better in so many aspects than old times. Orthodox bondages of thinking have crippled to give way to a more open and broad minded scope of thinking. Take for example the Section 377’s coming into being. Had it been for our strait-laced elders, the “queer” community would have suffered continually. We accept so many things without apprehensions that it gives way to the much needed flexibility that this nation of social lepers needed.

Finally for some words of wisdom from the young to the old; we know short dresses offend you but are you more offended than scared? Our not going to the temple is us being offensive or you being god-fearing. We know that you want to have faith in us, but we can’t show that to you unless you see more deeply that our culture, that GenNext is made of good intentions which are bound to form the backbone or a progressing nation.

Our acknowledgement and humility towards accepting this cultural debate and debacle are our very strengths and virtues that we offer you as tokens of your teachings at its very depth, for all that matters.

I rest my case.

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