Youth, Their Ethics And Professional Relationships

Posted on February 8, 2011 in Specials

By Pallavi Devpriya Chauhan:

With more and more youth turning into professionals I was intrigued by the relationships these professionals develop while in the cut throat corporate environment and with the growing rape cases in corporate, my conscious forced me to write on such a topic.

Recently, I had a talk with some of my batch mates regarding relationships that develop during the college life. I got some mixed reviews, well the people who haven’t indulged in any kind of a love relationship either wanted to get committed or some wanted to focus on their carriers. Well the latter one is a perfect situation for growth and development and to be an edge amongst the rest.

Well, I also am in favor of this noteworthy quotation “Nothing reinforces a professional relationship more than enjoying success with someone.” by Harold Ramis.Its actually how you perceive it, and how well you get along with the situations whether it is a committed one or a non committal one. When one is dating a coworker he/she has to keep the company ethics in mind and not only people who are dating but also otherwise there should always be a way one should behave in a professional environment.

The professional values and ethics of an organization are the code of conduct. Ethics is a civil code of behavior considered to be correct, especially that of a particular group, profession, or individual. Values or guiding principles are the beliefs or attitudes held by an organization that shape the internal operating culture. Although neither can be enforced by a legal stand point, if they are not adhered to, both can cause significant problems within an organization. Every organization has a set of standards that it expects its members and industry counterparts to comply with. Most begin with a mission statement that clarifies what the organization expects of itself, then what the organization’s vision is, and finally a written code of ethics.

We are used to hearing about ethics from a punishment/consequence angle. Is not the primary reason, one shouldn’t swindle ones colleagues, tell racist jokes, or wield power over weaker individuals. The reason is theirs is a right and a wrong way to treat people.

You may wonder why coworkers become a heartless dictator after a promotion. Why a normal person does behaves like a sexual predator when around certain people? The reason is that he or she has lost or lacks a healthy perspective on human value and dignity.Respect is what compels us to trial people right whether they deserve it or not.

What the workplace sexual harasser and someone on trial for war crimes have in common is that they both dehumanize others. They see the object of their harassments as less than human-as “beneath” them. The act of dehumanizing others strips away another person’s intrinsic value and worth. Even in small amount the, this leads to a slippery slope. Once this kind of attitude is allowed a little room to grow it can lead down a path that may “justify “the mistreatment of others.

Everyone has feelings. Everyone has hopes, dreams, ambitions, and passions. We need to view others in a spiritual dimension that goes deeper than what they look like or how much they know. There is something deeper within all of us that beg for respect and honor no matter who we are. We should treat each other as priceless human beings who have the same capacity and potential we do.

Becoming an ethical person at work starts with, your honest interactions with everyone. The high profile corporate scandals share these same principles. Ethics starts somewhere. And the root ethical failures in the huge things are no different from the small matters we deal with in our daily lives.