10 Elements Of Music: The Elixir Of Life

Posted on March 18, 2011 in Media


By Bharathi Murali:

Music is one element of God’s creation that has become the embodiment of a soother at the times of anguish in a man’s life. It has no boundaries, no language, no prejudice, and no formulaic process of composition. Music is enjoyed in its raw form, mellowed one. Music is ubiquitous.

The ten things that flawlessly blend with the music and adorning it to glory will be enunciated in the following passages. The amalgamation of music and the element ‘X’ gives an ultimate pleasure.

1) Element-1

A Drink!

There is a saying- Noble man hates no good wine. Indeed, if there is a good pleasant wine, with a minute composition of alcohol, they complement each other giving a wonderful taste. This mutual adding up of life is enjoyed, and should be enjoyed.

2) Element-2

A novel!

How can you read and listen to music? Of course you can, a very mild tone of a track in the background with a romantic or a melodramatic novel in the hand will keep your ears and the mind resonating in the unfathomable thoughts. Perhaps, if the story happens to be a mystery, listen to a rock in its unusually low volume.

3) Element-3

The One!

With music, with the one close to your heart, time’s sluggish movement beats even the snail’s track. A dance with your lady, a walk with your father, a talk with your mentor, chuckling with your younger siblings and so on with a soft music behind make the moment go for eternity.

4) Element-4

Good food!

I am a gourmand, my love gushes when there is music. One evident reason why the elite restaurants have a slow instrumental track playing in the background is to charm the people, it calms the party, and makes the cells live and enjoy the food more.

5) Element-5


The least loved or invited feeling that attacks the mind often, especially of the youth is the feeling of dejection. Time is the best healer, no offence on that axiom, yet music though gives a momentary relief, it is loved. The feeling of hopelessness fades off when the tracks of Beethoven or Mozart are listened. You come out like a butterfly, flapping the wings thanking music.

6) Element-6


Silence speaks million words, true, indeed true. Just try this, stay calm dead calm and listen to the softest music ever in the music history. You will of course feel good along with that, you will notice your lips curve to smile. This is the feeling that is equivalent to a boyhood dream coming true.

7) Element-7


On travelling across the rustling winds, swinging trees, rocky terrain, bumbling creatures around two things are essential, stamina and the mood. Mood comes from the heart; it is catalyzed by the songs in tune with the travel. Be it Michael Jackson or Muhammad Rafi, the solitude journey becomes cherishing in the heart of the traveler.

8) Element-8


The portion that rejuvenates the sleeping cells, the magic liquid that makes you stay longer and makes you sleep-repellant is the coffee. Having a big mug of Irish coffee with music playing (preferably instrumental) sitting in the woods, as the zephyr touches the face, the moment of the millennium happens. Being pragmatic, the mere coffee with cream and music gives this pleasure (assured).

9) Element-9


Wondering? No music is bad music. Hard rock, hip-hop may be a gross choice but soft lullabies are like beautiful sedatives which gently hypnotizes the listener. Soft sound produces a sound sleep. Try it!

10) Element-10


Many articles linking Sex and Music are on the cable. It is believed that music makes the sex more enjoyable and healthier.