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Changing Career Paradigms For The Youth: It’s All About Passion [INSPIRATION]

Posted on March 19, 2011 in Alternative Careers


By Swetha Bommerla:

“We should see what a student can do instead of forcing the student to do what we can see.”

-Jagat S.Bright

The year 2010-2011 is regarded as the International Year of Youth.

The attitude of youth towards work is changing. For a generation that is rewriting the rules of the society, the job profiles are also seeing drastic changes. Earlier the criterion of selecting a job was a hefty pay package which can give people a comfortable life. Greater the money, better the job – has been the attitude. Even if the job didn’t impress people, they would still stick to it just for the money. The subject chosen as a career was often sealed by the parents and there was no option but to tread the path chosen. Mostly the safest option would be taken.

Time has brought greater independence to people and newer ventures to explore. This generation is not afraid to tread the stranger paths or to take risks. Their passion fuels the selection of their careers and jobs. Offbeat jobs — chef, painter, author, fashion designer are being chosen – and they’ve left their marks everywhere. A real time example being that of the author, Chetan Bhagat, who despite being a B.Tech graduate from IIT Delhi and an MBA from IIM Ahmadabad, took up writing just because it was his passion. The corporate culture took the world by storm. Projects, deadlines, management became the buzzwords. But the relaxed environments and the friendly bonding between boss and subordinates brought a change in the way people looked at work. The selection of career has now become a multi step process with friends, parents and sometimes counselors playing vital roles in gauging the potential of the individual and showing him the right career.

When one starts working in a field of his choice, money, status, fame and–the most important– happiness at work are the unavoidable bi-products. Passion’s got the power to overcome any obstacle. Passion inspires us to work even harder. And the best part being that the satisfaction one gets doing what he like takes away the tiredness too.

Passion steers the young people to move ahead in life.

The value of passion for a successful career has widely been recognized

Sight your passion. And find SUCCESS!!


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