’s Tribute To Women [International Women’s Day]

Posted on March 8, 2011 in The Opinionated, Youth Ki Awaaz news

By Anshul Tewari:

India has been a patriarchal society since ages. Even today, we haven’t been able to burn down the shackles of status quo and emerge as a truly democratic nation, with equal rights to all, including women.

Since its inception, Youth Ki Awaaz has been striving hard to bring to light issues that really matter. Our approach has made us stick to serious issues – and we love it that way. The reality is, we hardly get to see media that sticks to issues that are critical to our generation. I still remember, one of the first few articles I wrote on YKA was about the crime against women in India – and over time, the entire team at Youth Ki Awaaz has been upright and a staunch believer of women empowerment.

Our society is plural, the youth is dominating our populace — and things are changing. But the question is, are things changing fast enough? The more we work towards social development, the farther it looks.

Cutting down my words and reaching the point, I write today to announce something that we are extremely excited about. It is time the media took note of issues that women in India face, and did regular coverage and follow ups of the same. Youth Ki Awaaz wishes to initiate this movement in the youth media community with a tribute to womanhood and the launch of our new section – Women.

What earlier found place under the “Society” section of this website will now have its dedicated space. Hereon, we will be giving special coverage to women issues.


The ‘Women’ Section will be accessible in the top menu.

The Women section will be easily accessible through our top menu (see image above). The direct link to this section is

Even though this looks like an addition to our categories menu, we wish to build this section as a niche in itself, to represent women issues. A platform for women.

With this, we also wish to bring our focus on few of the dominant issues in the nation, that directly or indirectly affect our nations. These will be present in the “Issues” section.

In the next few days, you will hear some more announcements about something that we have been working on. Till then — stay tuned, stay young.

From the team here at Youth Ki Awaaz

Anshul Tewari