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The Magic Of Josh Groban

Posted on March 14, 2011 in Media


By Shekhar Sharan Mishra:

Josh Groban– I did not even know about this name a few months ago. But now almost all of his compositions feature in my playlist. For those who are not familiar with this name, Joshua Winslow Groban, popularly known as Josh Groban, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, actor and record producer. Having started with self-titled debut album ‘Josh Groban’ in 2001, he went on to produce four more albums till date, the latest being ‘Illuminations’ released in 2010.

‘Josh Groban’ released in 2001 had some really promising numbers. All the songs in this album have been highly appreciated by critics. All in all there isn’t much in this album that doesn’t count as a highlight. Some of the songs in this album never lose their rejuvenating effect. His songs talk about love, separation, solitude and pain. My personal favourite “Alejate” portrays the desperation and the pain love brings to a man. Alejate is a song which will touch your heart even if you don’t know the meaning of its lyrics (the lyrics is not in English). “Alla luce del sole” is another jewel in this album depicts one man’s quest for love. Though a gloomy song, it ends on a positive note. “You are still you” and “To where you are” are also soulful tracks which charted #10 and #1 on Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks respectively in 2001.

He bettered himself in his second album “Closer” which came out in 2003. Much like his first studio album, half of Closer’s songs are sung in English, with the remainder sung in various other languages (Italian, Spanish, and French). On Closer he works within his limitations and the result is a more consistent listen than the scattershot debut with his voice sounding comfortable performing these emotional European-inspired pop songs. Of 14 songs released, “Oceano” sets an ominous tone, followed by great tracks like “Never let go” and “When you say you love me”. “You raise me up” acts like a sequel to his famous “To where you are”. The limited edition tracks constitute of 3 additional songs. However, one of them “Mi Morena” is a real treat to the ears. It transcends one to a different level altogether. Love is what this song speaks about. A good song for those who are planning to propose to a girl, this song gives a vent to the emotions which hide somewhere deep inside the heart.

His third album “Awake”, released in 2007, features more polished classical numbers which have a hint of maturity in them. In fact this album is his magnum opus and deviates little from his previous outings. Consisting of 16songs in all, “Weeping” is the highlight of the album. However, one flaw in this album is that this album is limited to only those few who understand Italian. But the music composition of the album compensates for the same. “You are loved”, “So she dances”, “In her eyes”, “Awake” and “Smile” are few of the songs in this album which leaves a great impact on the inner soul. The song, as Awake itself, is a grand collision of pop culture and co-opted classical themes from then and now and perfectly embodies everything that has made Groban so successful.

“Noel”, his fourth album has a traditional touch to it. In the album, there are primarily classic tunes of the season including such chestnuts as “Silent Night,” “Ave Maria,” and, of course, “The Christmas Song.” However, also included are a few lesser-known traditional songs as “Panis Angelicus” and “Angels We Have Heard on High.” “It came upon a midnight” and “Little drummer boy” do give a good exposure to the understanding and the depth that Groban possesses in music.

His most recent album, “Illuminations”, released in 2010, offers a great deal too. “The wandering kind”, “Hidden away” and “Higher window” has the capability to hypnotize a person. “L’Ora Dell’Addio”, one of the jewels of this album, has an excellent composition and a great music background too. Of the 17 songs that the album has, “Love only knows” and “If I walk away” are my personal favorites.

Josh Groban is a man who can give words to feeling and with the dewy and sugary voice he possesses, he delivers a lot in the world of music. The music in his songs is enticing. He, just by his songs, can make you laugh and can make you cry. His songs draw you back to the past, relate to your present and make one dream about his future. A genius in his field, he is a valuable addition in the vast world of music. He is a giant, an expert, who has gone unnoticed but yet keeps on going and producing some of the finest pieces of music