Life, Electrified: Our Dependence On Computers

Posted on March 26, 2011 in Specials


By Anushri Saxena:

Gone are the days when dog used to be a man’s best friend. Now, in fact, even man disqualifies for the dog’s place. Missing a tinge of recreation, wish to play a game or read your favourite book? Just plug in your computer system and you are only a click away from all that you desire.

It is undoubtedly fascinating how computers have taken over the way we do a major chunk of our activities and how much easier it has made things for us. We can accomplish numerous tasks with the help of various softwares in no time.

Only one decade down the twenty-first century and we are already defying the traditional tools for writing, reading and performing other such kind of chores. Instead of pen and paper, all we need is a keyboard. Man has never been as compatible with anything as he is with his computer.

Make notes for yourself, tabular charts for school, manage pictures, and create presentations in a much more organized way through Microsoft Office. Not to mention multitasking which is very commonly done by everyone.

Despite its wide utility, this increasing dependency on machines is sure to make space for long-lasting concerns. This includes health concerns — both mental and physical– developmental concerns, time-management concerns etc.

One does not feel like moving around. The solution to almost all of his problems narrows down to his beloved desktop. And why would it not be, computers are designed and continually upgraded to keep up with our requirements.

An average human spends ten hours in a day on his personal computer. This is more than the average requirement of sleep which is only eight hours.

Some may also point out that due to this electronic phenomenon, human effort goes missing as we count on internet too often to find out even the minutest of information about anything. And in this process, we lose on the supposed magic of ‘personal-experience’. But, of course, this is VERY subjective as not everyone believes in magic but to move on and to go with the flow. Change is always opposed.

Anyway, people cannot completely rely on computers and for the record, they do not. Humans created computers and after all, it is just a machine and is bound to be erroneous. Thus, human supervision would always be valuable.

Hence, technological development is directly proportionate to human advancement. Using computers may not be as detrimental as it is perceived. However, the amount of time and the purpose for which a computer is used matter a lot. There are exercises and a list of right postures to counter eyes’ stress, body and especially neck pain. Yet, it is always recommended to make the most out of out available technology in the best possible way instead of just squandering our time away on nothing. Why take chances!