NSEF Authors For Change: Your Chance To Intern With The Best Social Enterprises [OPPORTUNITY]

Posted on March 3, 2011 in Events

The National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF) will select 50 Authors of Change for their summer program and will place them in premier social entrepreneurial organizations such as Naandi Foundation, Industree Crafts, Saath, Miracle Couriers, Ennovent, Samhita Social Ventures and thirty others all across India. These young leaders will be working on highly entrepreneurial and challenging roles which vary from Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, Social Media, supply Chain Management, HR, Outreach, Business Development, B plan Development, Website Design, Communications, Finance, Product Development etc.

NSEF Authors of change is a one of its kind, a high social impact two month internship program where students engage their summer solving some of the most pressing problems of social organizations. These students are selected on the basis of their demonstrated passion and commitment towards social change, leadership experience and their aspiration to become change agents for their society. The program will also create a network of young leaders who will be provided with access to mentors and experts from the sector. During the internship these authors learn from each other through regular interactions, sharing knowledge through blogs and other platforms. The internship will culminate with a BootCamp where social entrepreneurs, thought leaders and experts in the social sector will have an intensive workshop on social entrepreneurship.

Srikumar Murthy, Co-Founder and Director of National Social Entrepreneurship Forum says, “Last year we received close to 500 applications for 25 odd positions in about fifteen partner social enterprises. Students from some of the best institutes in India like IIM’s, IIT’s, NIT’s St. Stephens, St Xavier’s were a part of this program. These students demonstrated a significant impact in their work which drew a lot of appreciation from our partner organizations. There were plenty of learning opportunities for these students to not only work at the grassroots but also get involved in some sort of strategic decision making processes of these organizations. Our placement process is respected a lot in these organizations and we try our best to make it a win-win situation for both the organizations and the students.”

National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF) is a non-for-profit organization with a mission of promoting Social entrepreneurship amongst youth of India. To achieve this goal, NSEF has students chapters at prestigious institutions like Tata Institute of Social Sciences, IIM’s, IIT’s, BITS etc. and has emerged as one of the premier platform for students interested in Social entrepreneurship. NSEF Authors of Change is one of its flagship programs.

“We appeal to all students interested in making a change to apply for this prestigious program. Some of our last year’s Authors of change have gone ahead to start their own social enterprise, some have become innovators and won many coveted awards. Such is the impact of this program”, says Srikumar.

To apply visit http://nsef-india.org/authorsofchange/