Problems Of Modern Day Youth [Quick Analysis]

Posted on March 20, 2011 in Specials

By Harshal Kachhy:

Howsoever glamorous and glittering the social fabric might have become and however secure and stable they might feel under the new dispensation, unrest among the youth has been a problem since time immemorial. The chords of their impulses, instincts and intuitions have always been vocal and vibrant. “Youth in turmoil” , “Unrest among the youth” are not just literary coinages or journalistic flourishes, rather they are the vociferous voices of a vast section of the society that has seen and suffered an all round erosion and wreckage of their dreams and goals.

Having been influenced by the philosophies of individualism and existentialism, the urban youth is in a state of defiance against the old order, the status quo. If they feel alienated or estranged in the present set up, the fault lies as much with social economic fabric and milieu with the present education system. Deprived of the opportunity of expanding their intellect or show the world their adroit and finesse, the youth face a problem of subjective isolation and estrangement.

Right from being ground to compete in the grueling competitive exams to being snubbed in interviews due to lack of intellect or charisma, the youth undergo this excruciating trauma to emerge as winners. The most creative and colourful part of there is consumed and swallowed by activities most abject and profane in nature.

The problems faced by the modern youth are not only social and economical but also psycho motive. Compounded with a lonely state of life, the urban youth have remained immune to the profundity of spiritual heritage of our motherland, its mysticism and its age-old rich heritage. Fed on scientific data and attuned to economic, political and social theories, the youth find themselves rudderless and helpless when caught in the tempests of some personal crisis or jolted by some inexplicable tragedy.

The scorning bosses, family liabilities, lack of recreational activities or housing problems the youth endure the ever-growing list of problems to establish their position in the society. Even though the ever-growing list of enigmas for youth may differ across the globe, but the crux of the matter is that such an indispensable part of the society is reeling under the stress of a myriad of problems.

All said and done modern youth, particularly Indian youth, can definitely contribute towards a big push to the all round development and harnessing of human resources to enhance the rate of growth and development of our nation. We definitely have it in us to shoulder the responsibility of carrying forward the rich legacy of our nation in order to establish ourselves in the world as a developed nation. So, let the process of change begin!!!