Reality Shows Defaming Youth: Is This The Change You Want To Be?

Posted on March 8, 2011 in Media


By Tejasvi:

I watch Roadies just to see how Indian youth are being plundered of their talent in search for a virtual reality on TV. Truth is that the youth are wasting their energy for some quick money and some fame that they think would get by being on the TV. It is a totally prodigal attempt and I do not feel that this is the way anyone in their young age behave. What the Roadies reality show is looking for is just TRPs and making money by letting people watch their show. True, it’s a great stunt by MTV but it can be used to bring out the pluck and valiance in today’s Indian youth. The example of youth creating a lot of change in most Arab countries stands exemplary to the world that is mostly constituted by youth.

A lot of revolution has been brought about in the Arab world, thanks to the dynamic young people who have mobilised millions to raise their voice against the tyranny of the Dictators. I wish Indian youth focus their skills tin the right direction and use them for a noble purpose rather than wasting their talent in the TV shows that have surfaced recently. India can see the end of corruption if the youth take an initiative and have the courage to enter politics. That’s what I’m going to do after my higher studies when I return to India. We need dynamic people who can take good care of our country and not someone who cares more about their pockets.

It would be a great deal if the TV is used as a medium to inculcate sound body-building skills and exercises for a fit and healthy body development of youth, sound rational thinking skills and tactics for survival as suggested by the great Leader of Modern Age Swami Vivekananda himself. If the kind of youth depicted in shows like Roadies (especially) is the role model of a country, then it’s high time we change the scenario and grow up. If the kind of passion depicted by the so called ‘Roadies’ exists in the youth for the betterment of their country and not for some fame or money, then we would surpass all the evils that are hindering India’s development.

A very good example of youth using their skills for the right purpose is the Teach For India initiative, which recruits talented students as teachers for school children, the perfect source where the flowers can bloom. There are several more examples of youth creating a change, however small it may be, in India. It is time that we take it to a higher level and start using our skills to a higher cause. Please do not encourage shows that emphasise on the kind of wasteful activities. I strongly suggest Raghu, Rajiv or whoever the person in-charge of Roadies is, to switch to a better concept of training youth towards a better future. Now why should they listen to someone’s words? It should come from an individual’s heart to do some fruitful work for their country. Producing shows that test the talent of youth would just give them temporary fame.

Working for a country is an entirely different way of leading a life. I just hope to plant this seed so that people change their mindset and start behaving responsibly. Roadies was just a small example that I have considered as it is popular with the youth but PEOPLE, please think before you even try to represent what the reality stands for!