Sexually Transmitted Diseases: “Don”t End Up Dialing An STD”

Posted on March 19, 2011 in Health and Life


By Soumit Saha:

I’m sure many of you would want to give this piece a pass, but let me warn you, never in future crib about being crestfallen when your diagnoses you with gonorrhea, syphilis or Chlamydia. And girls I’m talking to you too, it’s not just the guys who are at risk here. What’s all the hoopla about? Well folks, it is Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). Before I start with my lecturing – let me clear up a few myths about STD’s and for those who’re so blissfully ignorant, I’ll even take the pains of entertainingly taking you through what an STD is.

“What is an STD, No idea, I’m scared already?”– Well an STD, Venereal Disease or newly, STI’s (I is for Infections) are a category of diseases that are known to be transmitted from person to person via sexual acts the common ones being intercourse, oral or anal sex or touching sensitive areas. (BE OPEN now and continue reading). An infection being caused by a germ i.e. bacteria, virus or parasite causing harm to your body is basically what an STD is, but then common cold is also a virus now, is it? That is because the title of STD’s goes to only those whose realistic chances of transmittance from person to person are only through sexual contact.

The main result of STD’s in women include cervical cancer and infertility while for guys any sort of rashes or sores near your rivate parts means it’s time to visit your doc and control that STD.“Now that’s clear tell me which are the ones to look out for — You’d be amazed to know that in 2008, a research said that one in four US teen girls are harboring an STD germ inside them. Shocking isn’t it!. Now to talk about the common ones lurking out there and what you need to watch out for.

AIDS (caused by the HIV Virus) – You’ve all heard this one, so giving you a break and hope that you all will know enough about this. If you don’t, its high time you do. Check out this page to know more about AIDS.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) – is thought to be more dangerous than AIDS but since it was incurable till recently, HPV is under control though may be still infecting a higher number. This virus gives rise to around 100 types of problems, one such problem is Genital Warts. Guys get warts near their penises, which are usually white colored lumps. More than 70 types of this diseases have been known and are they bad! Nearly all cases of cervical cancer show evidence of HPV. For women, the symptoms include warts near the cervix, itching due to them and vaginal discharge of an unusual color. Child birth is also a mode of transmittance. Don’t confuse these warts with those by the ones we’ll talk about, better get checked and ask your doc what’s to be done.

Gonorrhea — This one’s stunner in its own. Though easily curable, left untreated can cause meningitis, abdominal pain, cervix cancer and ectopic pregnancy in women. Symptoms are bad, from pungent discharges, to burning sensation while passing urine for both sexes. For women- symptoms are not specific and might be misleading, but for guys they are ostensible.

Syphilis — is a late bloomer (3 months) when it comes to symptoms. Nearly the same signs again in both sexes. It’s a bacteria caused disease and treatable by penicillin and antibiotics. Ulcers near the lower region and mouth are popular signs to watch out for.

Herpes and Chlamydia — Talking about these two lastly, Chlamydia causes an infection in the cervix and urethra and rectum in both sexes, this bacterial disease can show no symptoms and people mostly tend to be carriers. Again, painful symptoms in women including bleeding and abdominal pain and white discharge for guys and swelling testicles. Herpes, a virus infection, causes sores affecting the genital area, also causes headaches and back pains.

Well then after having talked lot of “Symptoms” which aren’t very nice, STDs still remain an issue that we need to tackle before the situation gets worse. It’s those safe sex lectures all over again but the fact is that having safe and protected sex is the next best thing for preventing, after of course, abstinence! Which no one really pulls off. So get checked regularly and stay healthy, stay safe. Use a condom!