– World’s First Social Cricketing Platform [Why just watch Cricket alone?]

Posted on March 18, 2011 in Sports

Cricket is not just a game; it’s considered a religion in many countries, especially in India. Cricket viewers around the world count their lives by one cricket season to the other.

Thanks to, World’s 1st Social Cricket platform, cricket viewers now have another reason to rejoice. Rather than just watching the match, they’ve an opportunity to come together and enjoy cricket with their friends and family, while cheering for their favorite teams – online.

The thought about struck upon few weeks ago while three cricket lovers, Pradeep Chopra, Kapil Nakra and Manas Garg, who also happen to be batch mates from IIT, were discussing how they can have better experience and more fun around Cricket World Cup. Like the game of cricket, they took on the launch of as a game. They themselves couldn’t believe that they would be able to make the platform live within a month. Even more interestingly, they’ve been able to constantly evolve the platform almost on a daily basis based on the real user inputs since its launch. in that sense is a true ‘by the cricket fans, for the cricket fans’ platform.

What is

Relying on their own experience that cricket is best enjoyed with friends, they ensured that’s foundation was based on its user’s ability to connect and communicate with their friends. Interestingly, the conversations on are live even before the match begins and after the match is over. With quick score updates; some times even ahead of TV, the platform connects you via Facebook and engages you in live commentary like never before.

“For the 1st time, I didn’t watch cricket on TV while I was at home; after I logged onto during the recent India vs SA match. Unaware of, my wife saw me smiling while I was engaged with my friends on and asked me ‘why are you not watching the match today?” shared Vikas Kaushik (a cricket lover and CEO of an IT company).

Co-founder of, Pradeep Chopra adds “we’ve always believed in creating something which is useful for us first and then making it available to others. This time, we got a reason to fulfill our passion for Cricket through

Definitely a different experience to enjoy Cricket with friends and family, even when not at a same place, is worth a try this cricket season. Log on to and be ready to be surprised by the excitement of your friends who are already on

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