The Ultimate Window”s and the Mean Mac”s: Who Scores Better?

Posted on March 22, 2011 in Sci-Tech


By Himanshu Chauhan:

We live in a computer age… wait! That is a much disciplined, century’s most mundane and ordinary understatement to define our strong relation with computers. I’ll just replace it and will try to put it up with the right set of emotions. ‘We as a generation are obsessed with computers.’ This is though not the nicest way of expressing but it is something closest to the fact. We are obsessed with computers and this is a very justifiable notion because why shouldn’t we be? I mean, the manner in which these machines have revolutionized our lives is just incredible.

If we just keep the negative odds like pornography, addiction and the many others at bay (because computers work on an input based specification and the input and thus whatever is done by them is on the need of the user so they emerge innocent and the user is the culprit) on the changes on the positive changes that it has brought and compare our existence with a period when all the stuff that we do with computers was managed with manual labor, it would be just an insult to common sense if anyone comes up with a supportive argument for the work rituals of the non-computer era.

1974-75 was the year Scelbi & Mark-8 Altair & IBM 5100 computers started to sell the first consumer targeted units. TRS, Apple and Commodore were the other two companies that were pioneers. Microsoft was another company making its mark in the industry as it created the MS-DOS operating system. Microsoft then launched the MS-Windows in 1985 that emerged as the most widely used operating system even in the present age with Windows 7 as its last successful release.

With time and increment in demand, a fierce and more or less healthy competition has been there in the market and only two companies have stood their ground and emerged as the world leaders in the consumer-based industry. Apple’s Mac and Microsoft Windows are the only well recognizable brands that rule the industry. These two have given us remarkable products from time to time and if one was to decide which is better than the other then he would have to go into the thousands of facts and formulas attached to them and still the possibility of a clear result is unlikely. What is possible is that we compare them on the basis of their performance based on type of utilities suitable.

For keeping the content user-friendly and understandable I will try to present it without the technical specifications and scientific names and would elaborate on a performance based holistic approach.


Considering the element of compatibility, Window’s gives the user more variety and comfortable compatibility then any Mac product. We can use zillions of softwares, hardwares and devices with Windows according to need specification and attaching them is as easy as plug and play which is not the case with Mac. Macs come with limited options on devices and upgradation can be possible only by purchasing a whole new unit.


Windows run all the applications on a single operating base but Mac uses one base per application, so if in Windows one program stops working then the entire system needs a reboot which is not the case with Mac. System crashes, declining performance with time need of replacement of parts is often a trouble that Windows users suffer from. Windows are also made of not so durable material so physical wear and tear also occurs in them often while Macs stay in mint condition even after years of use.


Windows operation protocols are designed in a rather neat, simple and direct manner. Macs have a little complicated operation and require the user to spend some time on it to get accustomed but it is noticed that once the users get used to Macs they hardly come back to using Windows again. The simple subtle layout of Windows makes them a better option for industries where the workforce has to deal with computers and the upgradation required every now and then is easy.


Cost is the most important determinant when a consumer chooses to buy product. When models with similar technical specifications of these two enterprises are compared on the basis of prices, it is easy to see that Windows cost about 20-40% lesser than Macs. The price that the consumer has to shed for a Mac with ‘n’ number of specifications he can also opt for a Windows of higher version. Also, maintenance and servicing is also expensive. But the fact that Windows need to go to the repair engineers quite often can also not be denied. Durability of Macs is another point to be taken into consideration.


Windows users often face the ordeal of their systems being infected with worms and viruses. Nearly every Windows user comes across this issue and has to opt for hefty anti-malware packages for security. Macs on the other hand are much less prone to attacks from infectors and there are only a handful of viruses known that target them. But there is a catch in this observation. As Windows are more widely used across the globe, viruses and worms are at large designed on and for their platform because then they have a larger ground to infect and affect. Thus it is speculated that if Macs become as popular as Windows then it would be as prone to virus attacks as Windows.


Both the giants outperform each other in different categories and in various degrees. If we look from the angle of technical specifications, the Giga Hertz, the bytes and others and try to determine the leader then a result is unlikely to come and the debate can go on due to severe technical specifications and advantages that one has over the other. But looking at the two on their overall performance basis it is possible to obtain non hard and fast categories for suitable tasks.

Windows are more suitable for purposes where upgradation and multiple customizable technical specifications are needed. When numerous devices and externally procured applications are needed Windows fit perfect but it is also a fact that with time Windows performance goes down and then the whole unit needs to be changed. They are the first option for companies where extensive computer based work is done not only due to the upgradation and other type of advantages but due to the fact that they are very easy to operate and understand for the large workforce that has to be at pace in an organized and efficient manner.

Coming to Macs, they are adorable machines. Sleek, stylish and stable. Being durable, reliable and secure they are apt for personal data bases and individual business ventures. Though they cost a bit but where not so technically changing and long-lasting performance is considered, Macs wins hands down.

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