Can Jan Lokpal Bill Alone Root Out Corruption?

Posted on April 30, 2011 in Politics

By Vadigepalli Sravan:

The present scenario of our political system is on the verge of change. These are the moments when people started thinking about our country, its growth and the performance. The change which our ancestors used to say is knocking the minds of the citizens. This is the perfect moment to boost them up and to make them follow the same stride to make our country free from all the ills. When people think, then it is a half done way to success, success against corruption, success against the unethical human activities, success against the global odds, and success against the mammoth of hindrances.

The campaign by the eminent social activist Anna Hazare and his true will against corruption marks a milestone in the Indian politics. So, is this enough for a good political system, drafting a bill against corruption? It seems so crazy, that with a simple bill, are they going to make it against rampant corruption? May be they are going to do it. But that simple bill is no longer enough to free our nation. The thoughts of each and every citizen are needed. Change should come in the citizens of our country, not in the constitution. The change in the law just paves a way for judicial restrictions; it is no more going to do anything beyond that. So, what is needed basically? This carries us to a different stream; acting against corruption is not the main issue, learning the basic ethics is much-needed. Even if that Jan Lokpal bill comes into action, we cannot say it will truly act in its own way. Because corruption is not a small thing to tackle and these bills are merely useless and they are going to do nothing, though we hope for the best.

Hailing Anna Hazare won’t lead you to reach the success, think of the gravity of the situations which are being forced to get corrupted. Every spokesman used to say change should come from the people and they should think, but none practised what they preach. Change needs to start from the roots, not from the tip. This is the present issue now. Leaders used to ask us not to encourage corruption, but it is not at all possible in this country, because things won’t move if we won’t fill up the pockets. People prefer things to be done quickly in this fast world, no one is going to stand up against the one who asked for a bribe, because simple, we don’t like to wait. Everyone wants their work to go on in any way. Corruption is not something only in politics, it is wide, and it has its presence everywhere, in every nook and corner of this country.

Reach the very homes of the people, mobilize them by sensitizing them about the problems we are facing due to corruption, make them understand the sole responsibility of every citizen of our country in the nation’s development. Poke them to think, thoughts are the only way to reach the pinnacle of success. Let them understand the bliss of being ethical. Then it is no more an issue that we struggle to deal with. Revolution against corruption is achieved only through reformation. So, it is the dire need of each and every citizen of our country to change their attitude and the way they think, think not for our own, but also for our great nation and its growth in the global arena. Be proud to be in a nation which is leading its life in a hygienic way, be a part of the transformation, be the proud blood of this country.