When Adoration Becomes Fanaticism

Posted on April 26, 2011 in Society

By Mallikarjuna Kanala:

There is nothing special in loving someone whom we know personally. This is in fact a common phenomenon in life and almost all the living creatures experience this kind of love. Loving an unknown person is indeed something special. But this specialty ceases to exist when we come to know that the unknown person is a well known celebrity. This is due to the fact that there are a large number of people who love a select number of achievers, actors, leaders and without doubt film stars. Though there are people of this kind in all parts of the world we Indians stand out in this aspect. It may look like a bit of exaggeration but we worship our co citizens as demigods only on a condition that they should excel in their own field. This kind of adoration is quite common in India and everyone knows that this is something more than a passion but unfortunately it can never become a profession.

There are people who live for their own sake. There are number of instances in real life where people live and work for the sake of their loved ones. There are innumerable instances in our nation where there are a lot of young people who are so passionate about their on screen idols that they hardly think before they do something crazy to show their love towards that person. There is no harm in loving a person for his work and in fact it helps people in gaining confidence and also improves their self belief. But this is the only positive against a number of negative effects of being a follower.

Ayn Rand a great writer of 20th century, also the founder of a philosophy called Objectivism quoted that “Selfishness is the best virtue for mankind.” Though this statement may look absurd and also out of context but a thorough understanding helps in discovering the statement. According to her selfishness in loving one’s own work, in completing his duty is the best virtue and if every person loves to perform his own duty there will never be any difficulty arising and if at all there is one it will be solved in no time. This is also an ideal ideology and definitely it is not possible to implement but even if a few start loving their own self than being selfishly unselfish there can be a lot of development in our present state of affairs.

The adoration of people is common and it has become a part of our life but it becomes a problem only when this hero worship crosses the limit to become fanaticism and then as the meaning of the word suggests it becomes uncontrollable and there arises the problem. In a more straight forward way there is absolutely no use in worshipping a film star and fighting to save his reputation where even he himself does not like to have such. In saving the unwanted reputation of his idol the person definitely becomes notorious and along with these abstract problems there will be more practical issues of facing the police at times. This kind of fanaticism is definitely detrimental for the overall development of the youth.

Then what can be done? Following the on screen actors, politicians and others has been a long held hobby in our nation and it has been unfortunately hereditary. Now the youth are better educated, more matured and definitely more logical compared to those of previous generation. So should we follow the age old tradition of following some one? Following someone can be done even by a computer. In fact following and performing a repetitive task is done in a better way by a computer or a machine when compared to a human being. So in this world of ever increasing sophistication and modernization it is only creativity that makes us stand out and it is no doubt that creativity becomes the basic amenity for a person to lead his life in the near future. So let we stop following and start creating and we shall become the ones being followed… if a nation has all its youth as leaders then the nation itself becomes the leader.