Gandhi Is Still Alive, Support Anna Hazare In His Fight Against Corruption

Posted on April 7, 2011 in Specials


By Shivani Singh:

Yes, India has another Gandhi who is fighting for our second war of Independence. Independence — from corruption. Dr Kisan Baburao Hazare — popularly known as Anna Hazare has taken up a fast unto death — to fight for our rights against the weak Jan Lokpal Bill being implemented. He demands stringent measures for the Jan Lokpal Bill with the members being from the civil society i.e., US — the public and not the government officials who are already corrupt.

Jan Lokpal Bill is a bill which would allow people to lodge complaints against government officials and according to the bill the corrupt official will get jail within 2 years and the ill-wealth accumulated will be confiscated. But here lies the catch in the bill in its present form — The committee will consist of government officials only — this is wrong, they want their acquaintances in the committee so that they would be saved. Also the Lokpal cannot investigate the Prime Minister and parliamentarians. Anna Hazare demands “US” to be there on the committee so that a fair decision is taken — there is no more corruption.

He also demands that the Prime Minister and other parliamentarians should fall under the Lokpal’s jurisdiction. He is fighting for democracy. Its been 60 years since independence and we still aren’t free of corruption. Is this what Gandhi gave his life for — A corrupt nation? Government proposals in the Lokpal bill are riddled with flaws. People like Sharad Pawar were on the GOM for the committee who have corruption running in their veins — in the words of Anna Hazare. Sharad Pawar soon quit this position in the GOM but is this the answer?

Today Anna Hazare is ready to put his life on the line for the YOUTH — for US, so that we live in a corruption free country with equal rights. In a country where 4 crore people live below the poverty line and half of the politicians bathing in money — now is the time to end all of this. We are not progressing as opposed to other nations because of this corruption seed. Why was there a delay of 42 years to remove corruption? Are you telling the people of the country that a government cannot run without corruption? It’s a termite eating away the wooden pillars in which our democracy stands. Anna Hazare also made it clear today that it’s a PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT, there wouldn’t be any political intervention and hence Uma Bharati and Chautala were refused entry.

Its time we heard his voice and made it a national uproar. Its for our future — the YOUTH. This movement has already made its impact on the youth as thousands and thousands of youth gather every minute of the day at Jantar Mantar and show their support for Anna Hazare. With the nation struck with scams every hour — its time we raise our voices . Corruption in India today has crossed all limits.We can even see it now as to how the BJP is trying to gain political advantage by eye washing the public that it is anti-corruption. But like Anna Hazare said, “ When one Sharad Pawar goes, another will come.” We cannot trust the government officials or political parties anymore.

Now its time we sideline everything —IPL, World Cup, etc — India is on the verge of a revolution and we should give it strength because the youth is the future of tomorrow. Media now has the responsibility to make more and more people aware. Spread it — Join INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION movement, use social networking, chain SMSes — it’s the question of our future. In the words of Gandhi, Let’s be the change we want to see !

Corruption Hatao, India Bachao ! Let’s not let another Gandhi’s life go in vain. Its time for change !