Indian Education System: Rote-learning v/s Analysis

Posted on April 6, 2011 in Education


By Dishi Solanki:

I am a bird with wings all cut
No opportunities on way, with doors all shut
A butterfly too fragile to break the cocoon
With no breath to take and no wish for a boon

These are the lines which every Indian student like me would recite trillions of times. From nursery to god-knows-when, we are preached to keep our eyes wide open so as to scan every sentence printed in our academic book thereby creating a photocopy of it in the examinations. And even after trailing the above steps in the most holy manner the end outcome depends on sheer luck.

With India progressing every second our education system still lies in ruins. It hardly matters if we understand a given topic, but there should not be any gaffe in penning it down. Vomiting out and reciprocating the taught knowledge on paper is what carries the gravity. We are seldom given any chance to put forward our views on a given topic. It’s all about those grouchy professors with their humdrum teaching methods that leads most of the class population shift onto the backbenches.

How on the earth can a three-hour-duration exam scrutinize the talent, efforts and dedication of a student? Our Indian education system has failed to produce young minds with a vision like Walt Disney, Bill Gates or Picasso. The education system that we follow does not entertain creativity and innovation. From the source of the education providers to the receivers, none have their hearts poured in their work. Today, education is not a matter of choice, but a subject of compromise. Examinations according to students have just become a synonym for fear and anxiety.

Even the best-versed minds start to panic and evaporate the moment question paper lands in their hands. The only rulers of the territory are the ones blessed with the power of cramming facts and texts unlike the analyzers. Education has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading. Most of the students limit their potential by studying only with the aim of securing a job. Doing so does not open the doors to success either as the companies today need minds that can question and not follow the herd. Students lack a sense of confidence to study a subject of their choice and create a niche for themselves in a new field. The education system does not build job creators but only job seekers.

As well said by C.S Lewis, “The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”