The Gigantic Power Of A Simple Smile

Posted on April 22, 2011 in Specials

By Salony Satpathy:

Ricky and Jiggy had a huge fight. It was the first time in three years of a blissful conjugal relationship that they had actually fought over a petty reason, which none of them seemed to remember. For two days they did not even talk or look at each other. Jiggy cooked the food and left it on the dining table and Ricky ignored it, and ate outside instead. Both of them had a tough time hiding their tears considering the fact that they loved each other so much. Both of them were missing each other.

Then came the twist. They happened to bang against each other while going out of the house for work. They behaved as if nothing had happened between them. What had broken the ice? It was the flicker of a simple smile, a sweet simple smile. Both of them did not know who initiated it, but were relieved to be back on track again. That is the power of a simple SMILE.

A genuine smile heals, soothes and renews us even when we are feeling low. Just smile from your heart when you are in a difficult situation and the sense of relief is inevitable. A simple smile can get strangers to feel comfortable in each other’s company; it can create everlasting relationships and it can save dwindling ones. Even “not so genuine” smiles have the power to ease situations, and then the power of genuine ones is certainly beyond imagination.

How do we cultivate a genuine smile?

The answer is simple. A genuine smile cannot be created, it has to be felt and exhibited. Just one thing has to be done: remove all negativity from your heart and mind and breathe calmly into the world. Feel a part of your surroundings and remove or ignore everything that deteriorates your state of mind or makes you feel bad. This is the feeling of bliss, but not ignorance because it is a response of a happiness that has been bestowed on you by the world you belong to.

There are many people who are conscious of smiling and make sure they do not “overdo” it. But what is the barrier that stops them? In a way it can be considered masking their emotions from themselves. If you feel like smiling, there is no need to try stopping yourself. There is no recorded evidence of a smile creating any harm nor does it cost a single penny. All it costs is a few units of energy to make the muscles move when they get a signal from a happy mind. A smile reflects inner peace and calm.

Smilies are now an integral part of the electronic media as well. They communicate a lot without the use of actual words. E-mails, chats, text messages- smilies are everywhere. They have formed a new form of communication which involve slight glimpses of emotions and feelings as well. All kinds of smilies are available, starting from the ones showing annoyance [ :-/ ] to frown [ :- ( ] to surprise[:-O] and many more. The list is endless. But the most commonly used ones are a simple smilie showing joy and happiness [:- ) ].

So the moral of the story is to let go of yourself, be happy and feel free to show it. After all, a world without smiles and smiling faces is not one where we will want to live. In the “Words” of the famous band, Boyzone, “Smile, an everlasting smile” is the most powerful tool we possess.