The Importance And Power Of Friendship

Posted on April 28, 2011 in Specials

By Salony Satpathy:

“Friends?”… “Friends!” – And there begins a journey, a relationship that has no ties and yet binds you into an everlasting bond. Sometimes it need not be even mentioned as friendship; it might not be given any name at all. It knows no boundary, no gender, no race, cast or creed. It depends on what you make of it, but one thing remains common, which is a sense of security and belongingness. That is what friendship is all about. That is what friendship is supposed to give. That is the power of friendship.

When you feel low, the only thing that can comfort you is the warm presence of a dear friend. Sometimes even talking over phone or the internet can help you calm down and feel better. True friendship always gives and never demands because it knows that it will receive when required. Happiness doubles and sorrows half in the company of a friend. Friendship can heal a depressed mind or a broken heart. That is the power of friendship.

Who is a friend? It need not be someone who is not related to you. A friend can be anyone; it might be a classmate, a roommate, a servant, a sibling, your parents, your spouse, a cousin; it might be a group or a single person… It’s all about clicking. The only need is to feel comfortable in the presence of the people you have referred to as a friends. Why only people? Friends can be found in a pet or a cow that visits your porch everyday or a crow that eats from your window sill or a cat that always enters your house uninvited or the neighbour ‘s dog that wags its tail everytime it sees you. As I mentioned earlier, friendship knows no bounds. It is just a feeling, and the simplest of all. That indeed is the power of friendship.

Man’s worst fear is loneliness, and in the process of alleviating it, he goes to levels that may sometimes prove to be harmful. Getting into wrong company, falling prey to people who at no cost should be allowed any space in one’s life,are very common traits visible in the youth today. The blissful ties of friendship are getting soiled. In today’s materialistic world, even feelings have become commodities. People are living in a cage and “frienship” in the true sense of the word has lost its meaning. In such a state, people are becoming hypocritical and friendship has also become a mere commodity . But are people truly happy with such relationships? The answer is never affirmative. Ultimately, the heart seeks genuineness and honesty, which have no substitutes. It is true friendship that the world seeks.