The Intellectual And Philosophical Rain

Posted on April 27, 2011 in Specials

By Drishti Chhibber:

I have always wondered why is it that people become so philosophical and intellectual when it starts raining. Why do writers or poets pen down their most touching and poignant creations when the raindrops are falling on their window panes? Why does this rain bring out the sadder part of people? Is it the rain itself that makes artistic people more artistic or is it just something inside us?

In movies, when the actors are sad or are contemplating something important the rain is always there in the backdrop. Sad songs inevitably have rain somewhere ingrained in them. It is in this very rain where two lovers feel the distance between them being erased. Rain is also sensual. A drenched girl somehow becomes the fantasy of every man.

It’s weird how rain assumes different connotations for everyone but the common reason is that it somehow brings a change in your emotions. For me rain has only and only good memories attached to it. It makes me feel purified and cleansed. I feel that the way the heat and the dust are washed away by the rain; all my life’s problems will also be washed off that easily and beautifully. It clarifies all the doubts I have in my life; it gives me a clearer perspective to things. I guess it does make me a bit intellectual or maybe I just like thinking that way. Either way, I love this rain; I love raindrops falling on my face. It makes me feel beautiful and special. It gives me a sense of hope, a hope that when things get off-track I can get it back on track by myself. So this is dedicated to the intellectual rain which leaves me with a feeling of catharsis and a smile on my face.