7 Tips For Energy Conservation In Our Daily Life

Posted on May 4, 2011 in Environment

By Neha Saxena:

We constantly hear appeals on energy conservation, effective utilization of available resources, going green and saving earth. Yes, it’s true that most of the natural resources used by us, to generate the necessary power for modern human survival are depleting at an alarmingly fast rate. It is the need of the hour to save energy for our future generations.

Organizations have started taking steps of some sorts in this direction. Many retailers now use paper bags instead of polythene packets. Recycled paper is used more often to make greeting cards, etc. Organic colour being used for Holi. Organic material being used to make Ganapati idols and the like. The question is- Are these steps really contributing to the Nation’s quest for energy conservation?

The good news is that each one of us can do our bit in our daily life and make a big difference to the world. Here are a few good practices that we can imbibe in our daily routine to save energy:

  1. Use sunlight wherever possible: We tend to switch on lights in our homes during the day. Avoid doing so. Many activities at home, like watching TV, do not require bright light. Use natural light during the day.
  2. Use paper bags or cloth bags: I saw this when I visited my cousins in Australia. They carried a cloth bag whenever they went to the department store. The consciousness levels are pretty high there. The executive at the counter will ask you whether you are carrying your own bag or you need one. Use cloth bags or paper bags, we get from our purchases, for all our visits to the stores. You can even create simple paper bags out of newspapers. Not only do they solve the purpose, it also serves as a good hobby for all you creative minds out there!
  3. Learn to say No to polythene: We often go to these neighborhood kirana stores or stationery shops to buy small stuff like pens, bread, eggs, detergents, etc. and the shopkeeper hands us the purchase in a polythene packet. We don’t really need to carry small, light stuff in a polythene bag! If you are travelling by your own vehicle, all the more easy. In case you have just walked down to the store at the end of your street, you do not need a bag, either.
  4. Walk, whenever possible: You can just walk down to your destination if it is close enough and takes only 10-15 minutes by walk. It saves petrol and is also a good exercise, helps you to think over in solitude and enables you to observe your surroundings peacefully.
  5. Re-use paper at work: At work (and at times at home), we require paper for rough work, calculations or for other internal use. Think. Do we need to use fresh paper every time? Use duplex print (printing on both sides of paper, like a book) for print-outs needed for your own use. Use one sided print paper for your rough work. In fact, you can use your creativity and compile all the one-sided printed papers into a notebook and use it as a diary.
  6. Use solar heater at home: India is a tropical country and we get lots of sun at almost all times during the year. A solar heater is a good option for us. In fact, we often get hot water during the day even without a solar heater.
  7. Plant trees: You need not have a huge garden or space to plant trees. Your balcony or your backyard or compound is sufficient too. Plants and flowers look pleasing to the eye, purify the air and ensure that your house gets fresh air.

Unknowingly, we tend to misuse or over-use the resources available to us. Little waste amounts to big losses. And little saving can lead to huge gains. So, let us practice discipline in our life and give a better life to our future generations.