A Voyage To The Soul: Why Look Out For Happiness?

Posted on May 30, 2011 in Specials

By Nishima Sohni:

A mind which has no ‘I, Me and Mine’ does not cry for the unattainable.

In this competitive environment where one is forever updating his résumé and amidst this hassle of choosing the most prestigious company, I happened to find some time to watch outside the window. I saw my father feeding a stray dog. With each gentle pat of him and a caring smile he so easily topped the God’s university of humanity and brotherhood.

Between a war of mind and heart, the soul seems to be abandoned. After a few years, when our mind would be of no use to this ever changing logical world, all brilliant degrees and hefty pays would not give us that satisfaction and warm affection we are in search of. Then we’ll realize that all these years we have just tamed our mind such that we surpassed our poor little soul which gets suffocated under “The Will of the Mind”.

There are simple joys in life which make it beautiful. Let’s just start living life a little less seriously. Just by buying an underprivileged child an ice-cream will leave you with utmost satisfaction that efficiency in work will improve. Just by feeding a stray animal you’ll see gratitude in his eyes and that will bring out a better person in you.

When you are utterly bored, try calling a long lost friend or just leave a message that you are missing him/her and you really care, their presence was not really acknowledged by you but now and you miss that someone in their absence. The reply you’ll get after such an expression will stir all the whirlpools of memories inside you and bring out a younger and energetic you to face the next best challenge.

Sometimes just by sitting next to your father for few minutes makes you get that wisdom and tips of lifestyle which inspire to make anything possible. Remember when you were laughing in your baby pool, he was crying to see this eternal miracle of birth.

So why do people go far away from such wonderful and unending sources around. Let us first silently understand the technology of life. All of us are living outside ourselves. Nobody will teach us or give us a formula and say “This is how you do it”. It’s just that every individual has to seek a path of reconnection to the soul himself. All we need is to just listen to this bell of soulfulness; the mind has absorbed a lot of chaos so we need to empty it to make resplendent selves because the soul is immortal. It itself will make us realize the value of life, slowly bringing us out from the memories of past and fears of the future, the deadlocks outside this wrap will be automatically resolved.