Wish Birthday Automatically Or Trade Stocks Online [Student Innovation]

Posted on May 1, 2011 in Business and Economy

By Anshul Tewari:

How many times have you wished that you did not miss out on wishing birthdays to your friends? Well, students of Manipal Institute of Technology now have a solution – AutoBudder. Developed by Kartik Mandaville, Abhinit Kumar Ambastha and Saurabh Suman, AutoBudder is a Facebook application that “automatically wishes your friends on their birthdays, with customized messages from you, at sharp 12, before anyone can. It is hassle free, doubles as a birthday calendar, and at times, just helps maintain those social commitments.”

With just 2 days of coding by this team of 3, the application really is extremely helpful to avoid missing out on anyone’s birthday – at least on Facebook.

According to Kartik, “I had got his idea way back in Summer 2010. Usually, I used to copy “Happy Birthday” and paste it on my friend’s wall. So, I wanted to make this application to save my time. Then I submitted my idea at ACM Bangalore Challenge of Code 2010 and it got selected. It was among the 15 ideas selected out of 60 ideas. Then I asked my friends and we got together and launched the application on 24th October. So, initially it was fun and now its our passion.”

The same team with two more members, Rahul Shekhar and Sachin Prabhu have now also developed another Facebook application which allows you to play stock trading on Facebook called StockAdda. StockAdda is the first Virtual Stock Market on Facebook having both NSE and NASDAQ. Now you can be the bull and ride the raging market rally or play the bear and rule the markets wisely! The best shall rise amidst corrections and crashes.

This goes to show the rate at which Facebook application development has been growing in India. According to Kartik, “The growth will be viral. It already is.”

You can check out AutoBudder at http://apps.facebook.com/autobudder/ and StockAdda at http://www.facebook.com/StockAdda