Bhatta Parsaul – Bone of Contention

Posted on May 17, 2011 in Specials

By Shivani Singh:

The recent news occupying issue was the land acquisition by the UP government of areas in Greater Noida . The epicenter of the event was Bhatta Parsaul where all the activities made news. The actual problem of the land acquired by the Mayawati Government lies in the fact that the land has been acquired at much lower rates and the farmers have not been properly compensated. This is due to the fact of not having a proper Land Acquisiton Act in the constitution, which leads us to the next issue of Political parties fighting over and coxing the current government in power to start drafting the bill.

The land acquired was at very low rates and sold to the government. The government then sold these acquired land to corporate for development projects like Yamuna Expressway. These were given at very high rates as compared to the farmer’s rate. This further led to the corporate houses using these plots of land and selling them at even higher prices. All this problem was just because the farmer’s were not given the market price of the land and had not been properly compensated. This resulted in the farmer’s agitation and various protests spread all over the region near Noida and Greater Noida.

Rahul Gandhi then comes into the picture and tries of empathise with the farmers and said that he will do whatever he can for their rights. This started the whole political gimmick that followed. Many leaders of different parties all came up to support the farmers and lashed against Mayawati and her government. They started accusing her government and also started unearthing dead skeletons which led to a huge political divide in the entire country. The politicians used this opportunity very well to gain advantage of the farmer’s vote and turn them against Mayawati in the upcoming elections.

All this drama leads to many complicated and unanswered questions in the minds of the people. Firstly, when will the government pass the Land Acquisiton Bill and how effective will it actually be? Why couldn’t all the states for the time follow the example of the state of Haryana where if a land is acquired by the government from a farmer, the farmer is properly compensated, given a job and also equity. The arrest and release of Rahul Gandhi, Rajnath Singh, Raj Babar, Rita Bahuguna, Digvijay Singh, Parvez Hashmi were actually for the cause of the farmers or were they just political stunts to get more votes in the upcoming elections? This also raises the question of the double standards of the ruling central government. Where is Rahul Gandhi when the same kind of protests are taking place in Jaitapur? Why isn’t he coming here to fight for the farmer’s right? The same problem exists there, everyday farmer’s are dying, protesting then why this step-motherly attitude?

Are these politicians trying to play with the sentiments of the farmers, playing dirty politics instead of listening to their voices? There have been so many reports of farmers missing and killed but no action has been taken, what is the worth of an Indian farmer’s life? The government immediately formed a quick response team including Congress ministers like Chidambaram, Ambika Soni, etc and addressed the media jointly, but will they do enough for all the issues that come up in India? Such issues keep cropping up in the Indian scenario and many questions are raised each and every time but nothing concrete is done. We have to draw the line now as citizens of India. We have to think about our own welfare.

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