Presenting The Digital Youth Fellowship

Posted on May 24, 2011

Over 60% of India is rural in nature. Most of our population resides in villages and depends on agriculture for its daily needs. It has often been realized and addressed that the major problem faced by these areas is that of the lack of better communication. India’s telecom industry is booming like never before and it is bound to grow by leaps and bounds in a country where around 1 million phones are sold every month.

In a situation like this we can safely say that rural India is at the edge of communication technology but hasn’t been able to embrace it completely.

So, what do we need to do? Pondering over this question and wanting to make an impact for the people living at the bottom of the pyramid, as we went to Mr. Osama Manzar, the Founder of Digital Empowerment Foundation we discovered amazing synergy options and decided then and there that we would launch a program that would enable young enthusiasts like you to join the program and address critical issues in a way that develops you to the best of your potential and in the process has a high intensity positive impact on the rural India.

Thus, the Digital Youth Fellowship came into existence.

The Digital Youth Fellowship is a one of a kind program that enables young people to come together and work on ideas and initiatives that have been affecting the grass roots. As a part of the program the fellows will get to work on 17 projects for a period of 12 months, getting a ready and credible platform to know more about governance, policy advocation, green technology, event organizing, fundraising, journalism and new media, education, livelihood, social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability and much more. And not just this, you are also free to work on your own ideas with the guidance and support of both Youth Ki Awaaz and the Digital Empowerment Foundation.  Thus, this is your shot at testing the best of yourself and pushing yourself to the level that many people only dream of doing.

This program will not just enhance you as a person, change the grass roots, but also open up tremendous future avenues for all our fellows.

To know more about the fellowship and be a part of it, rush to

If you have any queries regarding the fellowship, please mail them to Mridang Lodha at or me at

Thanks and looking forward to have you on board our first batch of change-makers, Anshul.

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