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Internet Protocol’s Version 4 Is Over

Posted on May 21, 2011 in Sci-Tech

By Shivani Bhattacharya:

It could be either the rising communication needs or globalization, but may whatever it be and however surprising it may sound, but the Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) has emptied out its last chunk of addresses in numerical format, lending them to various regional registries.

While opening a particular website on the internet, your computer searches for it by reading a particular set of numerical digits. It is a combination of these numbers that make any website identifiable and can be easily traced by various web servers. This combination is different for each and every website. For example- popular search engine Google has a string of numbers through which it can be traced by our computers, thus making it accessible for us.

So does IPv4’s expiry mean a bad news for all the tech savvy people like us? Will, newly flourishing businesses have no IP address left for them? Well, the solution of this issue lies in the Internet Protocol Version 6, which has innumerous combinations of the IP addresses, enough to meet the current ever expanding communication needs. A meeting to discuss a policy and other necessary details regarding IPv6 will be held on 8th July, 2011.

This is an issue is a situation of extremely great concern for us. Today, when every single organization and individual is looking for ways to reach out to their customers spread across the globe, as an obvious result, the different ways of communication will be explored, hence putting a pressure on the current technology available.