The Failure To Launch

Posted on May 2, 2011 in Specials

By Chetana Vedantam:

Yes, you are right. It’s the Tom Dey directed movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker, released in 2006. Though the movie failed to impress the critics, it did have a message.


Why I bothered to mention it? Well, after watching the movie, I realized that sometimes the fear of what is going to happen to us in future does take a toll on us.

How many of us have not worried about our future? After our 12th boards, it’s all about what college we might get in. After college, it’s where we might get placed. Higher studies, future planning, the list is endless.

Every problem, however small it may be, is big for the one who faces it. Life is always full of challenges and each one of us has a different way of reacting to them. Some enjoy facing these challenges and hence learn a lot in the process. There are some who try, get tired and quit. But, there is a category of people who don’t even make an effort. They escape the situation.

Escapist attitude is the easiest way out of every problem, but such people learn nothing. They even ruin the morale of the people associated or working with them. This attitude isn’t the result of a day’s reaction to some problem. This builds up. It starts off with small instances like being absent on the days of tests if not prepared, not calling friends to tell them they have issues, instead just avoiding the talk altogether so as to avoid any kind of questions from their side, avoiding meetings so that people don’t get to know the loopholes in their work. There are innumerable examples to quote. And there are many more reasons why people start escaping from situations. Mostly, the seeds of this problem are seen in the upbringing of the child. If parents stay firm on the decision of not allowing their child to make excuses to avoid situations, this attitude will never build up. I am not saying that parents are the only ones responsible for this, but with a little more attention and strictness from their side, this problem can be completely avoided.

But what is the cure to it? After reading many related posts and blogs, I realized that overcoming the fear of facing the consequences of your own choices is the only way to overcome this problem. There is no situation that cannot be turned to one’s own advantage. Learning this art can help not only build a positive approach towards life, but will also instigate the urge to learn more. And with the passage of time, the person would start loving the idea of facing the challenges.

Its easier said than done but the only person who can do something for you is YOU.

After all, who wants to be a failure at launch?