Twists in Assembly Elections 2011

Posted on May 20, 2011 in Politics

By Ranjani Ranganathan:

The much awaited election results of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala, Assam, and West Bengal were like mixed bags. Though the victory was as expected, the number of seats that were to be won wasn’t nearly expected. There was complete change in the results and many told it was the answer for corruption, bad governance. AIADMK+ wins in Tamil Nadu with a land sliding victory of 199 seats and DMK with just 28 seats, NR Congress+ in Puducherry won 20 where as Congress won just 9, Trinamool Congress (TMC) had a sweept Left Front with 184, Congress won for the third time to rule over Assam headed by Mr. Tarun Gogoi, and finally its Kerala where we had a neck to neck finish of 78 for UDF and 68 for LDF.

The power of women was unleashed in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal and is now going to join with Mayawati and Sheela Dikshit as Chief Minister of the respective States. Predictions made by the top news agency during exit poll although came wrong especially in Tamil Nadu.


CNN-IBN 120-132 102-114(Contradiction)
Headline Today 105-120 (Contradiction) 115-130
CVoter 168-176(only agency that has almost reached the result) 54-62
Results 199 31

*Courtesy: Times Now*

The predictions though were correct for other states it was a real test for all the analysts and experts to judge the verdict for Tamil Nadu. It is commonly said as victory against corruption, bad governance, irresponsibility, and carefree attitude by previous government and it very much need slashing like this, this is even a lesson to the present ruling government that they can’t take advantage of the people like before, for we now know the power of voting said an illiterate neighbour of mine. Trinamool Congress Leader Ms. Mamata Banerjee completely swept the Left Front that it put an end to the 34 year rule of communism.

Now that Ms. J. Jayalalitha and Ms. Mamata Banarjee have won the elections and have sworn in as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, respectively, all the eyes are now on them to see what difference they can bring about in their states to prove that they are much better than their previous rulers.