5 NGOs You Could Work With This Summer

Posted on June 10, 2011 in Volunteerism

By Pavithra S:

This summer, with the sun scorching us mercilessly, most would either sought the help of any hill station or remain safe inside our sweet homes. But ever thought about those who neither have a home to take shelter nor any money to save themselves? Ever felt the need to help someone survive and make a change in the society? Have you thought of joining an NGO this summer? If the answer is YES, then bravo!! Here is something that can help you on your quest. Well, if the answer is NO you may be missing out on a great chance to work for a good cause. Many NGOs around the world are striving to make the world a better place for the underprivileged. Your participation in anyone of the NGOs this summer may make someone’s life better. Here are a few organizations working for different causes in our country, which you might want to consider for an internship or volunteering:

1. Smile Foundation:

This organization strives to create a promising future for the underprivileged children. It aims at imparting universal education which can turn those children into productive assets thereby laying the foundations for nation building. Apart from this, the organization also works towards providing healthcare facilities for people from rural villages and slums. The organization has been ranked among the top 10 NGOs in our country. With its wide number of branches in the country, about 140 projects spread in 22 states, it is an ideal choice for anyone wishing to make their contribution to the society.


2. Help Age India

When there are many to care for children and women, this organization works for the betterment of the elderly people. It aims to make the society become aware of the concerns of the aged and their issues and also to educate the elderly about their rights. It is ranked as the No.1 NGO in India. Having affiliations with 51 member countries, Helpage India has many success stories to its credit. Once you make a donation you become a part of this organization and those willing to make a larger difference can become one of the caregivers.


3. SaveLife Foundation

This Delhi based NGO has been working at revolutionizing the way we deal with road accidents and victims. From training the entire Delhi Police and NSG, to now spreading across the nation, SaveLife Foundation (SLF) is a first of its kind initiative in India that combines community volunteerism with Healthcare, Technology and Law Enforcement to facilitate immediate rescue and care for road accident victims.


4. Goonj

Started by Anshu Gupta in an attempt to address the clothing problems of the poor people, the organization has come a long way since its start up in 1998. The people at Goonj believe that recycling and reusing the clothes can substantially reduce the clothing issues for the needy in our country. Its yet another initiation, ‘Rahat Floods’ provides relief funds to the flood victims of Bihar, Assam and West Bengal. The organization has been selected as the best NGO of the year 2007. People willing to be a part of Goonj can donate clothes, organize collection camps or provide financial assistance. With nearly 250 partner groups, Goonj plays a significant role in changing the face of our country.


5. Agaram Foundation

Founded by one of the most influential actors of actors of South India, the Agaram Foundation has gained popularity within a short span of time. The trust aims at educating the under privileged children of the society. While ‘vidhai’ works towards bridging the gap between the deserving children and quality education, ‘Agaram vazhikatigal’ mentors every individual child in bringing out their talent, dream and desire.


Have more NGOs to add to this list? Do post your comments in the section below.

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