Did The Right Thing Happen To Baba Ramdev? Youth Voice via Facebook

Posted on June 5, 2011 in Specials

Do you think what happened with Baba Ramdev at the Ramleela Maidan was right? We asked our community on Facebook and below is the response we got. Please add your views in the comments below or visit this page to comment on Facebook and get featured on this page.

Roopali Bansal: I dont know about Baba Ramdev. What happened to the people at ramlila ground is just unjustified. Its a slap on democracy! In democracy suppression is not the answer. Even if your opponent is hysteric you should show patience. Govt has blundered again! Rajbala from Gurgaon is in ICU. Her spine is fractured. She is paralysed for life.

Vasu Luthra: one of the worst mornings in the history of democry in the country, never saw yasin malik, sayeed ali shah geelani arrested lyk this. Shame on indian Govt..

Aashish Aryan: What happened with baba ramdev was a show of the weakness of the Government and a stamp of proof of the crippled PM. If people can be lathicharged while sleeping peacefully they can be lathicharged for anything in the universe! Watch out they might lathichage you for walking on the streets!

Vivek Chaturvedi: of course it ws not at all correct step by corrupted central govt..this clearly shows the weakness of central govt…the govt must be changed its structure these corrupted ministers must be removed …we want a healthy corrupted free nation.

Shruti Bhardwaj: The incident which took place last night shows the death of Democracy in India….feeling sad for Ramdev supporters…


Abhishek Kumar: what happened 2 baba ramdev or common people at ramlila grnd was not just a slap on democracy,but might b they were asking 2 us that we treat u,common people,like that and u can’t do anything coz we are in power….and they are doing whatever they want as they are not feared to anyone….

Neel Singh: a shameful act of the govt,nd real face of the congress has come to the people…awake people awake, should teach a lessons to govt.

Karan Chadha: black day for democracy

Ketan Singh: if its happening to BABA . then the common man cant even think of retaliating for his rights.. only 1 thing comes to my mind rt nw: GALI GALI MEIN SHOOR HAI, MERE NETA CHOOR HAI !!

Adil Rizvi: Yeah its ryt….. Baba dhongi hai…. He wnts 2 come into the playgroung of politics by d emotional support of dere yoga followers…. In my opinion uspe toh lyftym ban laga dna chahiye…

Aman Batra: attacking unarmed people was wrong and shameful

Shraddha Sondhi: It was disgraceful !! The govt. beat up children,women and everyone present there. I need to read the constitution to check the justification of lathicharge on a peaceful protest.