Corruption, Melodrama And The Common Man Suffers

Posted on June 19, 2011 in Politics

By Shefali Saxena:

Ramdev says women were beaten by the police. The police say there was no lathi-charge. BJP puts the blame on the President for being unresponsive. Why do the countrymen have to use the females as a shield to protect or defend themselves when the largest democracy in the world is shaken from within its roots? The number of women in the governmental setup can be counted on fingers of one hand or may be 4-5 hands. That’s it! The remaining unworthy and corrupt men who are rotting the roots of Indian democracy hide like worms in the infertile soil. There are able and vibrantly active women like Kiran Bedi who take the steering in their own hands and drive the country.

On one hand the people criticize Sonia Gandhi to be a foreign suppressor and now Ramdev too is characterizing her as not a nation lover. The woman who is participating in the affairs of the country as the leader of the majority party, leaving behind her own nation and committing herself to another, has been questioned time and again for the same. The national television is flooded with opinions on Ramdev, his fast, protests, and strike, all colored melodrama. Did any of us even try to ponder for a moment that every second that we are wasting fighting over irrational debates, can be put to constructive consequences to lead to the enactment of the Jan Lokpal Bill. Ramdev has spilled an ocean full of water on the sweat and approach of Anna Hazare. Behind the veil in the practice of meditation and yoga, Ramdev is turning out to be a traitor in disguise who just did not get the footage by the media during Hazare’s protest. The problem is that the people who are already corrupt and in power are misusing their hands under and over the table.

The bill is about the people, for the people and by the people; so why isn’t there any volunteers and permission for the common man who has been the victim of trading and gamble of black money which has been stolen right from his pocket? There shouldn’t be any committee from the ruling party and also not from any other political organization. Common and learned people of the society who themselves have faced the plight of country’s shambling economy should be the chairperson and the executives of the bill. It’s the death knell for India, rung by its own people, and the very citizens can actually dismantle the bell from the hook and play soulful music.