This Summer, Work For Change, Work With An NGO, Here’s Why

Posted on June 1, 2011 in Volunteerism

By Shivani Singh:

You must have seen so many stray puppies and kittens on the roads, in your colony, searching for food in the garbage bins — did you ever stop and think about them? Did you even spend a second of your “busy” time to even think of taking care of them? Most of the people would say that they’re stray — their life is like that, you can’t do anything! But Blue Cross Society and many other NGOs takes this point as a challenge and pledges to change their lives.

Recently, the NGO held a stray puppy and kitten adoption camp — something which they have been doing since years and I got to be a part of this great work of humanity. At first I was apprehensive about the fact that who would adopt such stray animals but after having the entire day with such wonderful creations I got my answer. An animal lover doesn’t look at all these things; he just comes here to find a new BEST FRIEND!

There were so many people who came to adopt, many passers-by also stopped, saw what was happening and decided to contribute to this noble cause. It was great to see such an enthusiastic response and people come and give the strays a proper home. There were many volunteers from the NGO who did everything they could to take care of the animals as if they were their own children, handling them with utmost care, crying when they were leaving after being adopted, carrying them around in their arms, making them sleep in their laps — it was so moving, everything about the atmosphere there- the potential adopters and the volunteers of the NGO- everything made you feel good! I felt that humanity has come to life again amidst all these problems in the world, there is still hope!

Blue Cross Society also makes sure that all animals being adopted are fit so there is a veterinary during the entire camp, there’s also a counselor who would counsel people if they wanted to know how to take care of the animals, there were legal documents being signed and everything was so organized- being an NGO which runs only on donations, they still did everything top-notch. The dogs had been fully vaccinated and this point attracted more people to come and adopt. There were clauses which also allowed the NGO to conduct regular check-ups on the animals after they have been adopted to ensure they are in safe hands!

I was with the animals the entire time — feeding them pedigree, giving them milk, water, taking care of them, handling them, showing them to potential adopters. Everything taught me so much — you could see it in their eyes — how much they longed for love. Anyone who said that animals don’t speak; they should see how they communicate so effectively. As I saw each puppy or kitten being adopted, I used to have tears in my eyes — they had bonded with me in a matter of a few hours! I would not have been able to experience this life changing opportunity if I hadn’t opted to work for an NGO those summer vacations.

I think the youth should now start spending more time working for such social causes or the development sector instead of just working like robots to achieve one set of dreams. They cannot survive alone — they have an entire environment around them and if you leave the surrounding under-developed you cannot make progress yourself. So opt and volunteer for such NGOs and be the Change! Do something for OTHERS rather than yourselves and see the change in yourself. DO GOOD!

You can see the smiles on the faces of those you help — be it under-privileged women, or slums kids or differently-abled kids or animals just like me to see the wag of their tails, or the purr in their meows, or the hee-haws in their smiles. Be the change this summer, opt for an NGO internship instead of chasing just your careers and experience the world! At least see the issues around you and write for them, make the people aware about the cause as well as the NGO. Do the work and make people aware. For example, join Youth Ki Awaaz and write, voice your opinions, share your comments, your experience, and spread awareness. Join such NGOs and make a difference!

The writer is a Correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz. You can read more of her reports here.