Is The Indian Music(Lyrics) Losing Its Sanctity?

Posted on June 11, 2011 in Media

By Saloni Mathur:

Few days back, I was sitting in a café in a good mood, humming a son called DK Bose from a movie Delhi Belly, which was at the same time being played on the radio inside the café. Suddenly, my friend interrupted me and asked me not to sing that song. Having asked the reason, my friend informed me that the song has double meaning in it. Being a music lover, I was inspired by this incident to express my views on how the sanctity of music is fading away.


Music in today’s humdrum life soothes man’s nerve. Music is taken to be an arrangement of sounds in a sequence which gives us a sense of comfort and relaxation of mind. Music is so powerful that it can bring life in a dead object. The importance of lyrical segment of any song cannot be ignored. The words of a song add grace to it. It is a medium through which the emotions and feelings of a writer are expressed. Lyrics of any song reflect the thoughtfulness of the lyricist. It speaks out that how dense and intense can be one’s thoughts and feelings. It reflects man’s sensibility and approach towards life.

I can mention a multitude of songs which speak out the heart of a writer. Of course, the musical part of them cannot be ignored. Not universally and generally, such intensity of feelings and density of thoughts can be found in love, friendship, break up, motivational songs. One can easily relate himself and with such songs. Such songs are so engrossing that they can take us away into an entirely another world.

But nowadays, an unconventional genre of songs is coming up. This category contains songs with unusual lyrics which usually have double meaning, for instance, songs like Sutta na mila, DK Bose, Tinku Jiya, remix of Dum maaro Dum, Char baj gaye hai etc. which are generally composed by the youth and for the youth. They are catchy and thus are sung by youth very enjoyably. I found these songs, though different from others, highly insensible. It reflects the thinking process of the youth of today. Using ‘F’ word and singing about sex openly on television shows a way of enjoyment which is seen highly cool and in fashion. What kind of contentment is gained by having double meaning talks? What is so enjoyable except the dance beats? The reason perhaps may be that it acts as an escape from the troubles of life or maybe it comes out of frustration or maybe it’s to gain attention. I am not quite sure because I am unable to find any possible logical explanation.

The creativeness of such compositions cannot be denied but don’t you think it reflects the degrading mindset up of today’s youth. Doesn’t it reflect the mall mindedness of the youth. Now someone can’t even sing them innocently. What we think, how we perceive, what we write and what we talk is determined by our values and the culture we live in.

As my teacher used to say, at a certain age, somewhere between thirties, we look back, analyze and realize the repercussions of our actions. Not now but definitely later we as a youth will realize that such enjoyment and happiness are just momentary. Real enjoyment lies in living life with simple and pure thinking. And as they say, Old is Gold, sooner the time of old classic songs is going to come back where romance, friendship are so beautifully articulated with a grace of soothing music that just cannot be resisted. 🙂