Make Way For Change – It Is Time

Posted on June 22, 2011 in Society

By Srishti Chauhan:

Not too long ago, the Indian government was facing a problem that it could do hardly anything to combat with. The problem is something we have all heard and read about- Brain drain. The government spent time and resources in generating human capital and the benefit of this was extracted quite conveniently by the developed countries where all workers with exceptional abilities chose to go.

However, recent surveys have shown a shift in the trend that has the government and the Indians companies in high spirits. It seems that the changing face of India has managed to restrain the amount of people settling overseas. With India being seen as the “it” place for entrepreneurs, those with the hope of staring their own businesses one day choose to stay in their homeland.

The reason why India is seen as a good place for new businesses seems to have a number of dimensions. Not only is the tax holiday offered by the government a lucrative offer, the number of hard-working people requiring jobs is growing. What more does a company need than productive workers at lower costs?

The economic changes brought about in the country following the opening of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have helped the country attract potential businessmen. A recent remark by the tycoon Ratan Tata highlights another aspect in which India manages to gain an edge over other countries- the hard work potential! In India, people are willing to work hard- driven by reasons ranging from escaping the middle class lives to the fear of losing their jobs to someone else- it’s all contributing to a more productive work force.

Moreover, the potential for growth in India is touted to be massive. Since there are many things that India is yet to experience, the market is seen as an expanse yet to be trekked. One example of this is the field of online journalism!

However, barring the aforementioned are some other changes which contribute to this growing change that the country is experiencing. This includes the change in the attitude of the government functioning in the metropolises. An excellent example of the same is the modern method being followed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) in collecting the house tax. Those wishing to do the payment are more than welcome. Not only this, if you have filled your house tax online last year, then filling your property idea and clicking on the “Generate Challan” button is enough. No longer is it required to stand in lines to collect a form which requires you to fill up confusing details which you never do get.

MCD, however, is not the only body which is undergoing a revamping procedure. Other civic bodies, including MTNL and BSES have been coming out with numerous ways in which one can pay the bill- a luxury earlier offered only by the private companies. The reason behind this change in the attitude is attributed to the growing awareness. With the Facebook pages of Delhi Police, Delhi University and other government controlled organizations; the consequences of faltering in duty are too much to stomach.

Exemplifying the same is the complaint filed by a youth against policemen who took to sleeping in the afternoon hours while the area remained unprotected. A simple wall post on the page of Delhi Police on Facebook was enough to spring the police heads into action!

The combined effect of both the social changes and the economic changes seems to have made India the place to be. While the economic growth in the developed countries slows down, the growth of India is unaffected majorly. Well, the tables sure seemed to have turned around!