What Is The Reason For Our Existence?

Posted on June 3, 2011 in Specials

By Prateek Bagri:

While sitting alone on a bench I thought, a thought that never ended. Every passing second was like an hour. The more I think the more crescendo of thoughts take over. What is this turmoil which is constantly excruciating me? A question was striking against the walls of my thinking room. I barely noticed the movement of clouds in the sky, afternoon turned to dawn within no time; yet I was clueless about “my very existence.”

Yes, this was the question. Why are we here? What are we here for? Is it on purpose or just a fluke? Who is the reason behind this conventional life cycle which we read in our science books? Every time a thought of “why am I at this place?” sends chills down my spine and grumbling into my stomach.

What if we were not what we are today- living like a non-living desk with books; a minute organism; or any other entity incomparable to a human? Happiness is all around, life is bliss. But why is my question? My solitude answered me back, “It is the ultimate power which drives everything. Even you are his property.” He meant “God”. Of course he is the mightiest; the maker and the ruler of a vast expansion of emptiness called “space”. Science has never accepted anything unreasonable, believing on abstract rather than following “The Big Bang Theory” and the theory of “Parallel Universe” is bogus. Then what is the answer behind the formation of this and everything- “From a Hydrogen atom to Adam and Eve”?

Sitting with eyes wide open and mind open the widest; I ransack every possible answer to this flood of uneasiness. What if we are a fluke? The hope of seeing Monday’s sunrise will die, a fear of extermination will break loose, laws of spirituality will be needed to be redefined and so will the mankind’s perceptions. What if we are here on purpose? Are we here just to pray the mightiest? Is he too selfish to mark out presence just to be in his awe or perhaps something else?

Every living thing has to perish–Law of Nature. Why are we even born if dying is the sole objective? Is it fun to see a new life on the cost of a decayed life? ‘What is the reason behind our existence’ will always battle me whenever I am on a bench.

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