Are Social Networks Making Us Unsocial?

Posted on July 21, 2011 in Specials

By Ankur Garg:

Whom should we call a friend? Is he someone who likes our posts, comments on them? Someone who tags you in photos and videos? With social networking spreading across the world, new sites being developed with new features, with video calls and live chatting into picture, it seems like our whole world is just one click away. Though billions of users have registered for these sites, but are people becoming social?

Today, we see that people have lots of friends with friend lists consisting over hundreds of friends. But, are they really our friends? More than 50% percent of ‘friends’ on our list are those people whom we have never even chatted with, a few percent also comprise of those whom we have never even seen! According to the dictionary, a friend is someone who is attached to the other living being by feelings of affection or personal regard. Even our pet is our friend though it’s not present in our friend list. I agree that these sites help us to be in touch with our close ones but people have nowadays forgotten this and they think that ‘this’ is their home.

People these days find it easier to chat rather than talk to a person. Often, I hear complaints from my parents, my sister that I am not giving them enough time. Almost all the time, I am just sitting on Facebook or GoogleTalk, even though no one is there to chat with. All the time, I keep waiting for people but I never realise that there are people who are waiting for me outside this social network world. Maybe, I have even lost a few good friends in order to make few new friends. May be, this social networking has actually made me unsocial.