Blue Ribbon Movement’s Social Leadership Program

Posted on July 18, 2011 in Events

Blue Ribbon Movement – a social enterprise that creates and nurtures leaders who meet social challenges through community building and civic engagement invites applications for the second batch of its flagship ‘Social Leaders Program’

We work at the city, national and international levels with projects like Social Leaders Program and the South Asian Youth Conference. We intend to create a movement of leaders working together towards solving the most pertinent issues of our society.

A quick snapshot of the program in 12 tweets :

· SLP is a 3 month practical leadership program for 18-25 yr olds in Mumbai.

· Discover your inner leader while solving a social issue.

· SLP training includes self exploration, leadership lab, management 101 workshops. 6 days of intense personal growth work + a live project

· Time commitment of SLP: 150 hrs training and mentoring + 150 hrs project. including bootcamp, weekly workshops, mentoring and certification

· Project My Mumbai – SLP participants work to create ownership and community involvement in issues of the city. It’s our city!

· Each participant takes a social problem, researches it, leverages citizens, NGOs and municipality to collectively resolve it

· Problem has to be immediate, local, measurable and solvable. Target to mobilize atleast 1k people affected by the problem to solve it

· Selection process — application form + an ‘Experiment with truth’, a one week challenge of making a social contribution through action #slp

· Costs: Rs.25000 (per participant) — participants pay Rs.5000. BRM raises corporate sponsorship for the rest. Fee waiver for financially constrained

· Last year SLP’s first batch created ‘I Clean Toh Mumbai Clean’ . #BlueRibbon organizes the South Asian Youth Conference

· Companies pls sponsor #slp, nominate participants or organize it for yourselves. Press – help us reach people. Rest — pls participate!

· For the rest, we look forward to hearing from you! Mail

For more details, please log on to Applications open till 13 July. Also, please find enclosed a detailed document on the program for your reference.