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Changing Trends – No More ‘Family’ Movies

Posted on July 31, 2011 in Media

By Ankur Garg:

There was a time when all members of the family would go together to watch a new released Bollywood flick on Sundays or holidays. Even now they go to watch movies, at times every Friday, but individually.

The number of family movies has decreased exponentially in the last decade. Earlier, people used to go to the cinema halls on weekends and spend some time with their family. But, now, times have changed. A few days ago, my younger sister complained that we haven’t seen any new film in theatre for a long time now. Same day, I checked the latest movies that were being screened at our nearby cinema theatres. It was surprising to see that both the movies screened there were ‘Adult’ rated.

The producers and directors these days seem to have found out a new hit formula. They cast the actors who have fabulous body structures. The acting is no longer just acting. One should have an appealing body, should be able to dance and should be able to perform stunts as and when required and acting is just the least priority. Secondly, the amount of adult content in the movies has increased quite a lot in the last few years. The number of ‘U’ films has been replaced by the ‘A’ category or an ambiguous U/A. It seems that directors think that a hit movie just requires a few kisses and few intimate scenes. At times it really gets embarrassing to see those movies with family. Moreover, apart from these ‘steamy’ scenes, the use of abusive language has also made entry into the movies. The recent example being the popular song from Delhi Belly – DK Bose with ‘DK Bose meaning’ topping the Google search suggestions. I know that the English movies already contain them and it seems that our Bollywood is also getting inspired from them. I also understand that India is changing. It is no longer the same as it used to be a decade ago. Various technological and social reforms have taken place in the recent years. With the increasing acceptance of love marriages and the coming up of section 377, one can surely say that the mind set of Indians are changing. The ideas, views and ideologies of the young generation have also changed. I, myself, being an eighteen year old, do not deny that at certain times I too like watching these movies.

I am not opposing the changing trend in Bollywood. Neither am I against the bold characters played by the actors in the movies these days. I am just saying that now-a-days the film-makers are resorting to cheap entertainment rather than quality films. The quality of humour has degraded quite a lot as compared to the earlier times. I would not be wrong to say that the film-makers have stuck to cheap humour. The use of double meaning sentences and phrases has increased quite a lot. So, at present times, if a man wants to take his family, his wife and his children to a movie on Saturdays and Sundays, then, that is not a choice for him.  He has to change his plans and think of a new way to entertain his family.