IIT-Delhi Rolls Out Special Classes For SC/ST

Posted on July 20, 2011 in Society

By Minali Arora:

Caste discrimination is still taking a heavy toll as more and more privileges are being meted out to the backward castes.

Recently IIT-Delhi decided to conduct special classes from July 10-17 for SC/ST. Even before this year’s freshmen enter into the Indian Institutes of Technology-Delhi, some others will be pushed to take the “etiquette lessons” required to live on the tech school campus.

The cause might be noble reason but permitting only the SC/ST students and not allowing the general category students is to be criticized.

Will it harm them in any way if the general category student undergoes through this self enrichment process?

Privileges can be given to backward classes as they are from a backward section of society and conditions for some of them are so tough that they cannot gather opportunities in their favour. But in the field of education, if one is intelligent enough and if he has the potential to crack the deadlines & beat the exams then he can compete with others too. Why the need for extra privileges and reservations?

The recent increase in the reserved seats for SC’s/ST’s/OBC’s in all the exams whether it be engineering, civil services, medical etc. is not justified.

This has restricted the seats offered to a general category student and made the completion tougher for him, due to which even if he is capable enough and has more potential than a weaker section student, he lags behind.